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About me and Life around me: HAIKUS
I have started to write Haikus and am going to collect them for a book with pictures.
Nikki Jo Rucelo/WitchyBat AKA
( N.J. Lucero, GreenFireEyesWoman )

chapter 1: About Me :Healing (added 2007/12/17)
chapter 2: MY FRIENDS (added 2007/12/17)

Being on Anti-D's MY STORY —Nikki Jo Rucelo
My name is Nikki Jo Rucelo.
I am now 48 years of age.
Most of my life I have had depression
But I was only diagnosed and medicated in 1990-2003.

chapter 1: DANGERS OF ANTI-D's TRUE STORY (added 2007/10/07)
chapter 2: Momma Zombie/ OR Mom OR Zombie (added 2007/09/12)
chapter 3: What I was introduced to for HEALING MYSELF (added 2007/09/12)
chapter 4: My Sweat Lodge Experience Pros and Cons/ part 1 (added 2007/09/12)
chapter 5: Sweat Lodges Pros and Cons/ Part 2 (added 2007/09/12)
chapter 6: Sweat Lodges Pros and Cons/ Part 3 (added 2007/09/12)
chapter 7: Reiki Healing (added 2007/09/13)
chapter 8: Spirituality (added 2007/09/13)
chapter 9: Crystal Healing (added 2007/09/13)
chapter 10: Vitamins, Herbs, Mineral Supplements (added 2007/09/13)
chapter 11: TOUCH ASSIST and DIANETICS (added 2007/09/13)
chapter 12: ALL 7 of the HARRY POTTER BOOKS! (added 2008/01/03)
chapter 13: Being Continued (added 2007/09/17)

ADULT DRAMA:Fiction/Short Stories
I have found a way to quench my raised negative emotions, by writing. In these stories I am releasing anger toward some terrible people, by putting 'them' in to characters that meet a deep dark inner ...more
chapter 1: Introduction:Three Years and Two Cups of Coffee Later/TRAIN STOP (added 2007/08/30)
chapter 2: PART ONE:Three Years and Two Cups of Coffee Later (added 2007/08/30)
chapter 3: PART TWO: Train Stop! (added 2007/08/30)
chapter 4: Ending note: (added 2007/08/30)
chapter 5: The Biggest Geode: part 1 of 2 (added 2007/08/30)
chapter 6: The Biggest Geode: part 2 of 2 (added 2007/08/30)
chapter 7: Circle of Crazy Forgotten Females (added 2007/08/30)
chapter 8: Sasquatch Taxidermy (added 2007/12/19)
chapter 9: The ELECTRONIC WARS (added 2008/07/22)
chapter 10: I Tuck You In By NJLucero 2008 (added 2008/08/06)

Short Stories By Nikki Jo GreenFireEyesWoman
This is a collection of FAMILY viewable stories.
I wrote these. They are FICTIONAL with NON Fiction roots, meaning I got ideas from from real events or special moments in life and braided them with str

chapter 1: The Little Tree (added 2007/08/21)
chapter 2: OLD REZ ROAD (added 2007/08/21)
chapter 3: THE NEW COLORFUL CREATURES (added 2007/08/21)
chapter 4: Where will I go Grandmother? (added 2007/08/21)

REFLECTIONS: Poems by Nikki Jo ( WitchyBat)
Here are some poems of different styles and mixed genre.
chapter 1: Becoming A Poem By Nikki Jo/WitchyBat (added 2007/08/29)
chapter 2: Waiting for LIFE to Begin by Nikki Jo Rucelo (added 2007/09/04)
chapter 3: For the One I Never Met by Nj }>wb<{ (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 4: Spirits OF the Trees (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 5: Nothing Meant Something }>wb<{ (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 6: When I Die }>wb<{ (added 2007/10/08)
chapter 7: BRING IT ON! }>wb<{ (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 8: Let Me Be! }>wb<{ (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 9: XEROX COPY By Nikki Jo/WitchyBat (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 10: www.FRIENDS.com (past friends) 3 poems (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 11: My Spells (added 2007/12/19)
chapter 12: A Prayer For 2008 (added 2007/12/31)
chapter 13: MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES (added 2008/08/11)

Love poems and short stories of My JOURNEY for LOVE
I am on a journey. Love,Lonleyness, Romance, Pain, Pleasure are all places I find while on this Journey. I write poems and short stories sometimes to rememeber, sometimes to heal...BUT NEVER TO FORGET ...more
chapter 1: Two Hearts Beating By S.A. and Nikki Jo (added 2007/08/21)
chapter 2: ASKING/njl/WitchyBat/2007 (added 2007/08/21)
chapter 3: HE SAID, SHE SAID/njl/WitchyBat/2007 (added 2007/08/21)
chapter 4: Sacred Soul Mate Wedding (added 2007/08/21)
chapter 5: chapter 1: Transformation )0( (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 6: FIND ME! (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 7: Essence of Wolf }>wb<{ (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 8: What the Night Sky Saw/njrucelo/Adult Content! (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 9: What the Afternoon Sky Saw/ ADULT CONTENT! (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 10: Over my Cauldron }>wb<{ /2007/ (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 11: The Golden Box by Nj Rucelo/2007 (added 2007/11/20)

My Blessed Friend, Jude
Jude lives far away and we have yet to met, but she is my most dearest friend. She invited me here so the first poem I write and post for her.
chapter 1: Blessed Friend Jude (added 2007/10/15)
chapter 2: A Poem For NJ Witchbat (added 2007/09/27)
chapter 3: Enchanted Garden By Jude (added 2007/09/27)