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The Seige of Calliope
Harry Rodgers, best selling author of Adelle, has been offered a quarter of a million dollars to write the sequal but has Writer's Block
chapter 1: The Seige of Calliope (added 2011/08/11)

Princess Rose
Once upon a time, in a far-away land lived an old king and his queen. They were a happy couple and were well-loved by their subjects. Yet, in spite of their happiness, there was a sadness that ailed t ...more
chapter 1: A Royal Wish Granted (added 2012/08/09)
chapter 2: The Christening (added 2011/05/30)
chapter 3: A Magicians Evil Plot (added 2011/05/31)
chapter 4: Kidnapped (added 2011/05/31)

The Curse of Anna Greene
When a local Village boy is poisoned, the quiet Village of Waltham point a finger at the Greene Witch—the evil spawn of Gunter Greene. Against the admonition of Daniel Goode, the Magistrate, a wince m ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/03/24)