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Lightning & Modern Airliners
Lightning can and has knocked all electrical power out of airliners.
chapter 1: Are older airliners safer than more modern airliners? (added 2009/06/15)


In November of 2007 Garrett Lisi published THIS and then in June of 2008 Milo Wolff published "Schrödinger's Universe"
Many important physicsts think these might actually be the long awaited representa

chapter 1: This may indeed be the picture of the harmonic relationship of everything in our universe. (added 2008/07/28)
chapter 2: The Reason this picture is So Important . . . (added 2008/07/28)

What Einstein discovered about a year before he died.
chapter 1: Einstein's Most Important Discovery shows why this seems to be a Dystopian Universe (added 2009/03/16)

OUR AMAZING RESONANT UNIVERSE (first publication - here at Goodreads)
Explaining the REAL universe that we are in
chapter 1: The Experiment That Shook The Scientific World. (added 2008/11/29)
chapter 2: A Paridigm Shift (added 2007/11/15)
chapter 3: Different Schools of Thought and a Scalar Resonant Universe (added 2007/11/15)
chapter 4: Saul Perlmutter's Contribution (added 2007/11/16)
chapter 5: What Our Scientists DON'T See (added 2007/11/15)
chapter 6: Predictions: -- What This New Concept Tells Us (added 2007/11/17)
chapter 7: How We Have To Look At Our Universe (added 2008/08/21)
chapter 8: What EINSTEIN and some others said about our present science (added 2008/08/21)
chapter 9: This famous model of A. Garrett Lisi is really telling us more than any of our science. (added 2008/08/21)
chapter 10: Why this model is so important (added 2008/08/21)

Fitzpatrick's First Book and his other FREE e-books & FREE sundial making software
Merely CLICK Link ABOVE to read Fitzpatrick's books FREE. The New York Times had a full page about his First Book in their Sunday Book Review Section on page 29 June 18, 1967

chapter 1: First book is a basic science book about relativity (added 2011/08/25)