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One girl as a suspect and one crime that she didn't commit. She will do anything to prove her innocence, but can she face the truth of who framed her?
chapter 1: The Crime (added 2012/04/05)
chapter 2: The Clock Begins Ticking (added 2012/05/26)
chapter 3: Where's Waldo? (or Emily) (added 2012/06/01)
chapter 4: The Shot Heard Around The World (added 2012/06/01)
chapter 5: The Clock is Running Out (added 2012/07/08)
chapter 6: Meet Your Maker (added 2012/07/24)
chapter 7: The End (added 2012/07/24)

Revenge of the Broken Hearted
What happens when a broken hearted girl gets fed up with guys? The only thing stopping her from getting revenge is her imagination...

Character Pictures:

Aislinn Grace Hawthorne: http://aktoreczki.blox....more

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/08/08)

Cool Scenes I Randomly Thought Of...:)
Sometimes I randomly think of cool scenes that don't work with any particular story I am currently writing so I write them here to save for another time.
chapter 1: Running from Life Scene (added 2011/07/18)
chapter 2: Fighting to Stay Strong (added 2012/07/08)
chapter 3: No Escape (added 2012/07/08)

Katie's Random Funny stories
The most epic collection of stories written by my friend Katie. To read more REAL stories by Katie, go to http://www.fanfiction.net/~elfonzoxxx...
chapter 1: Harry Potter Meets Santa Claus (added 2010/04/07)
chapter 2: The Diary of Britney Spears (added 2010/04/07)
chapter 3: Edward Cullen VS. Pikachu (added 2010/04/07)
chapter 4: Apple Complaint Letters (added 2010/04/07)

Fire Over The Land
A diver from the US is taking a dive off the shore of Austrailia when she is sucked in to an underwater whirlpool. Under the whirlpool is a secret civilization of light and happieness. Lizzie likes it...more
chapter 1: Dive (added 2012/02/28)
chapter 2: Dramuland (added 2012/02/28)
chapter 3: The Dragon (added 2012/02/28)
chapter 4: The Oracle (added 2012/03/18)
chapter 5: Training (added 2012/03/18)
chapter 6: The Warning (added 2011/09/09)
chapter 7: The Battle (added 2011/11/06)
chapter 8: The Cleanup (added 2012/01/28)
chapter 9: Crowning A Queen (added 2012/02/20)

The Invasion
It's the future, and nothing is going as planned. Then one day, the whole entire human race is wiped out and there's only one person left... and she is left to save the world from further destruction.
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/02/15)
chapter 2: Alone (added 2011/05/22)
chapter 3: The Plan (added 2011/05/22)
chapter 4: The First Leg of My Trip (added 2011/05/22)
chapter 5: The Library of Congress (added 2011/05/22)
chapter 6: The Encounter (added 2011/05/22)
chapter 7: Quishmael's Last Stand (added 2011/05/22)
chapter 8: Epilogue (added 2010/04/08)

The Mystery Man In My Picture
Twins Nikki and Andrea go on and unexpected and unwanted vacation to Mt. Rushmore with their family. Just when things are all working out and they start liking the trip, Andrea finds out she is being...more
chapter 1: Full Story (it's a short story) (added 2010/01/01)

Sapphire Brookes is a small town detective, but when a new family moves into her town of Sandstone and one of the members gets kidnapped, it's her job to find him and bring the culprit to justice.
chapter 1: Full Story (it's a short story) (added 2011/02/04)