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Faithfully (Not) Yours
I'm going through something and just need to vent about it. Hoping someone can relate.
chapter 1: Dear You Who Can't Be Mine (added 2015/12/04)

The Ordinary Days
The diary of a girl with a f*ed up brain trying to live a normal life.
chapter 1: Day 1: (added 2014/11/19)
chapter 2: Day 2 (added 2014/11/19)
chapter 3: Day 3 (added 2014/11/19)
chapter 4: Day 4 (added 2014/11/22)

Trick or Treat
recollecting a favorite Halloween :)
chapter 1: Trick or Treat (added 2013/11/19)

About being in love with someone who you feel like you'll never be able to have.
chapter 1: You (added 2013/09/26)

Trapped in Ice
A little blurb about witnessing the 2003 ice storm the hit the North East.
chapter 1: Ice Storm (added 2013/09/26)

Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did
Everything i've wished i could say but couldn't because i'm just too afraid. Sometimes you just need to tell your stories to strangers instead. :)
chapter 1: Numb (added 2013/09/13)
chapter 2: Tired (added 2013/09/15)
chapter 3: Unstable (added 2013/09/15)
chapter 4: F**king Perfect (added 2013/09/15)
chapter 5: The Best Song Ever (added 2013/09/17)
chapter 6: Jack Rabbits (added 2013/09/18)
chapter 7: Insecurities (added 2013/09/18)
chapter 8: Wind (added 2013/11/19)
chapter 9: Technology (added 2013/11/19)
chapter 10: Best Friends (added 2013/11/21)
chapter 11: That Girl (added 2014/03/29)
chapter 12: My Weakness (added 2014/03/29)
chapter 13: I Remember (added 2014/03/30)

Charlee Mae
About meeting a close friend's daughter for the first time.
chapter 1: Charlee Mae (added 2013/09/13)

About a very important first.
chapter 1: Legend (added 2013/01/03)

Scary Stories and Prom Dates
About a girl having to say goodbye to her best friend, and how it reminds her of a boy she used to be close with years ago. She doesn't want this situation to end up like that one did. (Okay, the girl ...more
chapter 1: Scary Stories and Prom Dates (added 2013/01/03)

Weathered Woman
I was bored in my geology class and wrote about a woman sitting in front of me...totally not creeperish hahaha
chapter 1: Weathered Woman (added 2013/01/03)

Everything Happens For A Reason
Another English assignment from last year...actually made this into my College App essay with a few moderations, this is a true story.
chapter 1: Hugs (added 2012/04/29)

Another old English assignment...haha
chapter 1: Stronger (added 2012/04/29)

Making a Fist
I was going through some old stuff and found this story i had to write for English a couple years ago...
chapter 1: Making A Fist (added 2012/04/29)

Through The Bushes on Plum Street
One night Calleighe is dared to go into a supposedly haunted house and bring back an object. Little does she know what she'll find behind that door. When a mysterious boy dressed all in black takes an ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/01/28)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/01/28)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2011/02/06)
chapter 4: Chapter 4 (added 2011/03/06)

A fun night out with friends goes horribly wrong when Rachel slips and falls on the ice. Who knew something so little could morph into something so large.
chapter 1: Slip (added 2010/01/03)

White Christmas
Lillian, Licey, Gabriel, and Jason managed to get detention the day before Christmas Break. When a blizzard hits they have to get creative and learn how to provide for themselves in the school until h ...more
chapter 1: Monday (added 2009/12/09)
chapter 2: Tuesday (added 2009/12/09)
chapter 3: Wednesday (added 2009/12/09)
chapter 4: Thursday (added 2009/12/09)
chapter 5: Thursday: Detention Time (added 2009/12/09)
chapter 6: Thursday: Trapped (added 2009/12/10)
chapter 7: Trapped: Crash (added 2009/12/11)
chapter 8: Crash: Fix (added 2010/01/02)