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Jack Kerouac and the 1960's
Jack Kerouac and his influence on the 1960's
chapter 1: The Bippie in the Middle (added 2008/12/21)

The Cult of Saint in Catholicism
This is an essay that shows that similarities between Greek and Roman Cults and the Cult of Saints in the Catholic Church.
chapter 1: Mankind’s Necessity to Idolize Extraordinary Individuals (added 2007/09/13)

The Fallacy of the War on Drugs
This is a small study that compares the current War on Drugs with Prohibition. It brings to light some of the mistakes that weren't learned and are still being made.
chapter 1: America’s War on Drugs Policy: Following the Worn Path of Prohibition (added 2007/09/13)

African-American Marines in the Pacific
This is a historical study detailing the experiences of the first black Marines from training through some of the battles of WWII.
chapter 1: The Impact and Heroics of the First Black Marines in World War II (added 2007/09/13)