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Rider's Bones
A ghost story. Entry for Book Freaks Group's Sept/Oct writing contest
chapter 1: Entirety (added 2010/10/15)

A short horror story.
chapter 1: Entirety (added 2010/09/30)

High School story of an introverted genius who meets a very unusual girl who's not exactly there to learn about World History. No, there is something definitely different about Sienna Woods and Justin ...more
chapter 1: one (added 2010/09/08)
chapter 2: two (added 2010/09/07)
chapter 3: Three (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 4: four (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 5: Five (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 6: Six (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 7: Seven (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 8: Eight (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 9: Nine (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 10: Ten (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 11: Eleven (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 12: Twelve (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 13: Thirteen (added 2010/09/11)
chapter 14: Fourteen (added 2010/10/26)

I was just feeling sad and frustrated about a situation I had no control over. It was eating me up so I had to write it down. It wasn't well thought out, more like a "spilling my guts" kinda thing. I' ...more
chapter 1: Entirety (added 2010/04/03)

Familiar Enemy
I'm not really a poet but as I was dragging my butt out of bed, aches and all, my back cracking as I made my way down the seemingly endless stairs to the almighty coffee pot, an idea popped into my sl ...more
chapter 1: Entirety (added 2010/04/03)

A Meeting of The Minds
A short story around 500 words that was a winning entry in the Literary Mash-Up on Novelnovice.com.
chapter 1: One (added 2010/04/03)

Her Sanctuary
Shannon Mallory was a woman on the run….not from outside forces but from her own wounded heart. When she pulled up into the parking lot of The Last Resort Café, in the town of Sanctuary, little did sh ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 3 (added 2010/02/02)
chapter 2: chapter 7 (added 2010/02/04)

Scent of a Rose
Period romance set in the 1700's. Rose McElroy the blind heiress to a tobacco fortune. Alexander Green,the gambler with no use for the rules of society. He enters a wager to see who can win the hand a ...more
chapter 1: Chapter one (added 2010/02/02)
chapter 2: Chapter two (added 2010/02/04)
chapter 3: three and four (added 2010/02/04)