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Hide and Seek
Something I wrote for English class, the prompt was that Mr. Steele turned Fantasia music on and we were supposed to roll with it. Not my greatest, but he called it "A lovely effort".
chapter 1: Hide and Seek (added 2009/08/25)

A poem based on a drawing of a boat at sea at night.
chapter 1: Freedom (added 2009/08/09)

Spades and Clubs
The beginning of a short story about a detective named Hector Howell, who has to solve a mystery involving people who claim to be straight out of a deck of cards. Set in the 1920's. Soon to be edited.
chapter 1: Spades and Clubs (added 2009/08/08)

Waiting for Halloween
A short story about what Halloween was like in my neighborhood growing up. Like The Attic, it's very near and dear to me--some of my favorite memories took place on Halloween, and it was fun to try an ...more
chapter 1: Waiting for Halloween (added 2009/08/08)

The Stowaway
An unfinished short story about 'what really happened on Columbus's first voyage'. Historical fiction, narrated by a fictional stowaway. It was better with the italix, but I couldn't figure out how to ...more
chapter 1: The Stowaway (added 2009/08/09)

Tom and Ben
A short screenplay scene in which two men meet in very mysterious circumstances.
chapter 1: Tom and Ben (added 2009/08/08)

The Attic
A short story about a boy who knows that something weird is going on in his new house. My personal favorite thing I've written. It's never happened this way to me before, but really, like Victor, all ...more
chapter 1: The Attic (added 2009/08/22)

The Fairy Tale Machine
This is most of a piece that I've been working on since last february. It started from a contest at my school called "40 Days and 40 Nights of Art", where every day for forty days, you had to come up ...more
chapter 1: Foreword: The Magic Words and the Sound of Rain (added 2009/08/07)
chapter 2: Part One: Ascension (added 2009/08/07)
chapter 3: Part One Continued.... (added 2009/08/07)
chapter 4: Part Two: Consequences (added 2009/08/07)
chapter 5: Part Two Continued (added 2009/08/07)
chapter 6: Part Three: Redemption (added 2009/08/07)
chapter 7: Part Three Continued (added 2009/08/07)
chapter 8: Part Four: Gathering Storm (added 2009/08/07)