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Where Your Treasure Is
This is the play version of the WYTI novel I posted... much better as a film. The actors did a fabulous job! ;)
chapter 1: Full Play (added 2009/10/30)

Where Your Treasure Is
My story from x amount of years ago... I think it's kind of awful now, but certain friends think it's "a worthy contribution to literature" so... I have uploaded it *just* for them. (I hope they're qu ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 2: Chapter Two (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 3: Chapter Three (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 4: Chapter Four (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 5: Chapter Five (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 6: Chapter Six (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 7: Chapter Seven (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 8: Chapter Eight (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 9: Chapter Nine (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 10: Chapter Ten (added 2009/10/30)

Bon Voyage
A Civil War soldier discovers what his uncle does in his free time... he slips through a time portal: a map! Aaron (the soldier) travels back in time to the Golden Age of pirates to find that his uncl ...more
chapter 1: My work isn't separated by chapter yet... and I can't get to my first chapter right now, so this is just a snippet. (added 2009/09/06)