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I'm feeling kind of evil and wild in a funny way!X}I like it and I think it's lots o fun!
chapter 1: Get Rid Of The Light (added 2011/05/29)

Valley of Death
chapter 1: Battlefield (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 2: Burial (added 2011/10/27)

This is from the book Walk Two Moons in the book there is a mother that looses her child named Tulip while the baby is a newborn and after that she gets really depressed. I wrote this for school it is ...more
chapter 1: This Reflection (added 2011/04/27)

The Light
chapter 1: Found (added 2011/03/15)
chapter 2: Return (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 3: Flee (added 2011/04/04)

Fire and Stars
terrifying beauty
chapter 1: Burn (added 2010/12/29)

sisters of all kinds
not all sisters are related by just blood.
chapter 1: sisters not just by blood (added 2010/04/30)

what brings family together...besides food
i dont know,why dont you read it....
chapter 1: the song no one ever forgot... (added 2010/04/30)

STARS....living in the sky
the varieties of the world,STARS..(not the celebs
chapter 1: the star in everyone(including the psycho dudes) (added 2010/04/11)

freedom of speech
a piece of work showing u the importance of freedom of speech
chapter 1: the freedom inside of all of us (added 2010/03/24)