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Song Lyrics
I do Not own any of the rights to the following it is just a collection A collection of lyrics that i like and at one point or another have meant something to me.
chapter 1: Don't go to strangers (Paul weller & Amy winehouse version) (added 2010/11/21)
chapter 2: Don't worry 'bout me (Frank Sinatra) (added 2010/11/21)
chapter 3: Lover you should have come over (Jeff Buckley) (added 2010/11/23)
chapter 4: Late Night Partner (Ed Harcourt) (added 2010/11/28)
chapter 5: Don't Let Me Down (The beatles) (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 6: Accidental Babies (Damien Rice) (added 2010/11/28)
chapter 7: Never, Never, Never (Shirley Bassey) (added 2010/11/28)
chapter 8: My Sweet Song (Toby Lightman) (added 2010/11/28)
chapter 9: Linger (The Cranberries) (added 2010/11/28)
chapter 10: You Lost Me (Christina Aguilera) (added 2010/11/28)