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Random Haiku's and free verse.
chapter 1: Corpse Flower (added 2009/09/11)
chapter 2: Satan is Ralph Lauren (added 2009/09/14)
chapter 3: Butterfly (added 2009/09/26)
chapter 4: I'm Sorry Wendy (added 2009/11/03)
chapter 5: THE BEAUTY FROM MY CROCK POT (added 2009/11/03)

The Diary of Ma'at/Universal Protector- a work of fiction
A fictional Diary of the Goddess Ma'at, and her struggle to save humanity from her brother Thoth's rath, as they are reincarnated throughout the history of man as different religious figureheads.
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2009/12/10)
chapter 2: The Beginning- Ma'at vs. Thoth (added 2009/08/10)

The Best Movie Never Made: Population Control
I wrote a screenplay that was inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale. As someone within the industry but as a novice writer with no literary representation, I decided that maybe I should try some ...more
chapter 1: Scene 1-Classroom (added 2009/07/10)
chapter 2: Scene 2- Hallway (added 2009/06/29)
chapter 3: Scene 3-Sara's House (added 2009/07/01)
chapter 4: Scene 4-Ext. School (added 2009/07/10)
chapter 5: Scene 5- Kesler Home (added 2009/07/10)
chapter 6: Scene 6- Bus 2 (added 2009/07/10)
chapter 7: Scene 7- Catalina High School (added 2009/07/10)
chapter 8: Scene 8-Hallway (added 2009/06/23)
chapter 9: Scene 9- Ext. Catalina High School (added 2009/07/10)

Mary Magdalene: A New History
Part one and two of a three part series of short stories revolving around the idea that Mary Magdalene is the protector of humanity and that vampires can only exist as long as their creator is in huma ...more
chapter 1: Mary vs. Moses(Edit) (added 2009/08/08)
chapter 2: Mary vs. Jesus(Edit) (added 2009/07/28)
chapter 3: Mary vs. David (added 2009/10/31)

Timed Writing
Ch 1. A stream of conciousness that became a story. I sat down to do a timed writing and this is what happened. Ch 2, etc timed writings,some have a purpose mostly just stream of consciousness.
chapter 1: Traveling (added 2010/03/04)
chapter 2: American Dreams (added 2009/07/17)
chapter 3: Noise (added 2009/07/25)
chapter 4: Mortimer Mouse (added 2009/07/31)

Life in Blue
Memoir of ink.
chapter 1: Life in Blue (added 2009/06/20)