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More Poems.
I'll still be posting in "My Poems", but these are either shorter than my usual poem (aside from what I've already written and posted), or they're a rough draft. I tend to write a lot of things that a ...more
chapter 1: Without You (added 2010/09/17)
chapter 2: Un- (added 2010/09/18)
chapter 3: Draft 1. (added 2010/09/18)
chapter 4: Draft 2. (added 2010/09/18)
chapter 5: Spoken Word 1. (added 2011/01/16)
chapter 6: Spoken Word 2. (added 2011/01/16)

Another Untitled
At his new school, Chroner High, Seth Lancaster was the boy no one cared about. The boy no one looked twice at, with no friends there.

But one day, he gets a hold of the oh-so personal diary from Chro

chapter 1: (not a chapter) (added 2009/09/12)

"You're either with us, or against us, but there are no neutral sides. Traitors will be punished..."

3 best friends, popular eighth grader boys, are on the top of the social ladder with their other fr

chapter 1: (not an actual chapter yet) (added 2010/02/12)

My Excerpts
In truth, it's just what I write when I feel like writing. Could be a poem verse, journal entry, or a possible excerpt and/or chapter for my stories, etc. If you have any story ideas to build off of t ...more

My Poems
My series of poems (still in progress), all of which are my random/nonsense ramblings... Read them and give me feedback. :)
chapter 1: Tears (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 2: Beloved (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 3: Wise and Weary (added 2010/07/16)
chapter 4: Hesitance (added 2009/12/30)
chapter 5: The Same (added 2009/12/29)
chapter 6: A Love Poem (added 2010/01/03)
chapter 7: A Beautiful Saturday Afternoon (added 2010/01/30)
chapter 8: You (added 2010/08/13)
chapter 9: A Poem For.... (added 2010/04/05)
chapter 10: Outsider (added 2010/05/28)
chapter 11: Breaking (added 2010/05/28)
chapter 12: Haiku 1. (added 2010/05/31)
chapter 13: Haiku 2. (added 2010/05/31)
chapter 14: The Fall Before the Crash (added 2010/06/10)
chapter 15: Share the World (added 2010/06/15)
chapter 16: Turn Back Time (added 2010/07/05)
chapter 17: By My Side (added 2010/08/10)
chapter 18: Just Because (added 2010/08/13)
chapter 19: Rush Hour (added 2010/08/19)
chapter 20: Closer (added 2010/09/17)
chapter 21: Relief (added 2010/12/11)