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The unbroken bond
We are like an umbrella,
Never tarnished by weather
We withstood the rain, we have withstood the snow
And we will withstand together we will never let go.

chapter 1: The unbroken bonds (added 2009/05/17)

Soldiers of hope
I suddenly squinted my eyes to see a sudden blinding light, and I at last felt hope. And then came the blood raining down upon me like rain and my nightmares appeared as plain as day, I was at last in ...more
chapter 1: Unmarked Graves (added 2009/05/16)
chapter 2: Cover (added 2009/05/16)
chapter 3: Captured (added 2009/05/16)
chapter 4: Giang (added 2009/05/16)

Trust is never plain to see
Coated with uncertainty
Blinded we must be

In the graves the secrets remain
Soken by lips that shan't speak
Muttered words of the dead and meek

chapter 1: Unspoken (added 2009/05/15)