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Lifelong Stories
Another little book-centric short story, or maybe you could call it a kind of fable. In any event, it's definitely very close to my own feelings and beliefs.
chapter 1: Lifelong Stories (added 2011/07/26)

A very personal piece of writing that I consider almost a sort of meditation for me. It's something I very much wrote from the heart. Essentially, its a bit of a musing on the way I feel about books a ...more
chapter 1: Affirmation (added 2011/02/22)

Five Minutes
This is an unusual story for me. But as all my stories do, it came and wanted to be written, although it was difficult emotionally to write. I'm sure (I hope) it will be equally hard to read and absor ...more
chapter 1: Five Minutes (added 2010/06/02)

Cards of Fate
A short bit of story; another random idea that found its way into my brain.
chapter 1: Cards of Fate (added 2010/05/07)

Bedtime Story
A kind of fairy-tale-esque story that came to me today. And yes, it is somewhat a reflection on my own life and beliefs about book characters.
chapter 1: Bedtime Story (added 2010/05/03)

The Psychological Personality Deconstruction of Edward Elric
A really fun project for my high school AP Psychology class...analyze the personality of a fictional character! I chose the great alchemic prodigy Edward Elric from the manga/anime series Fullmetal Al ...more
chapter 1: The Psychological Personality Deconstruction of Edward Elric (added 2010/03/17)

This Story Has Been Censored
A satire I wrote for my creative writing class on the deadliness of overzealous censorship. I tried to make it a bit Orwellian in nature, and I like how it came out.
chapter 1: This Story Has Been Censored (added 2010/03/04)

If Only Snowfall
My entry in the "If Only" Holiday Writing Contest. I suppose it's meant to be a bit sad, because the words "if only" bring to my mind a kind of sorrowful yearning. But it's also hopeful, at least to m ...more
chapter 1: If Only Snowfall (added 2009/12/23)

The Tales of Rathya
This is the story of another planet.

Julie Naya is a resident of Rathya, a faraway planet populated by emigrants from Earth. On Rathya, each citizen has a bird bond; a bird paired with them for life, t

chapter 1: Prologue: The Search (added 2009/08/22)
chapter 2: Chapter 1: Julie (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 3: Chapter 2: First Bonding (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 4: Chapter 3: The Governor's Visit (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 5: Chapter 4: A Legend for the Road (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 6: Chapter 5: Seth (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 7: Chapter 6: Lessons in "Borrowing" (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 8: Chapter 7: Watcher in the Woods (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 9: Chapter 8: The Silva Offendo (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 10: Chapter 9: Into the Forest (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 11: Chapter 10: Among the Strikers (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 12: Chapter 11: Tangled Branches (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 13: Chapter 12: In the Laburnum Prison (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 14: Chapter 13: Unexpected Miracles (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 15: Chapter 14: The Medics (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 16: Chapter 15: The Lanx (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 17: Chapter 16: Wrong (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 18: Chapter 17: Trusting the Wind (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 19: Chapter 18: The Trial (added 2009/12/06)
chapter 20: Chapter 19: Taking Sides (added 2009/12/13)
chapter 21: Chapter 20: The Coward's Messenger (added 2010/02/05)
chapter 22: Chapter 21: Torn Apart (added 2010/02/18)
chapter 23: Chapter 22: Caravan to Carraw (added 2010/03/23)
chapter 24: Chapter 23: The Reluctant Recruit (added 2010/08/10)
chapter 25: Chapter 24: Holding Together (added 2010/09/19)
chapter 26: Chapter 25: Silva Shifting (added 2010/12/31)
chapter 27: Chapter 26: Welcome to Carraw (added 2011/02/14)
chapter 28: Chapter 27: Initiation (added 2011/03/25)
chapter 29: Chapter 28: Fitting In (added 2011/05/29)