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To the Cauldron Tender
a poem based on the Welsh myth of Ceridwen and Gwion Bach
chapter 1: To the Cauldron Tender (added 2011/10/31)

Beech Trees
a sonnet
chapter 1: Beech Trees (added 2011/01/22)

Arise, Fair Sun
Here is part of what I read in last month's Broad Universe podcast. In this selection, Lizzie is returning to consciousness after open-heart surgery.
chapter 1: 10 (added 2010/06/10)

The Healer's Curse
sequel to The Healer's Choice
chapter 1: Chapter Four (added 2009/11/14)

Arise Fair Sun
In this YA novel written in free verse, fifteen-year-old Lizzie Larsen finds out she needs open-heart surgery but has to deal with her drama-magnet friends and her overprotective mother even as she tr ...more
chapter 1: selections read at DragonCon 2008 (added 2009/09/30)

Snow Leopard, Bronx Zoo
This poem, written in 1990 or thereabouts, was published in the Summer 1997 "Women and Animals" issue of SageWoman magazine.
chapter 1: SNOW LEOPARD, BRONX ZOO (added 2009/09/23)

Circuit-riding preacher Corinne Daychild has been kidnapped by desperate sailors who need her to be their ship's chaplain on a mysterious voyage.
chapter 1: Far from Joli (added 2009/09/17)

The Healer's Choice
In a land of subtle magics, a woman of peace must face the violence within her, and a man of war must learn that weapons will not give him the victory he desires.
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2009/09/15)