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The Idea
How many people would realise they knew you if you died?
I found myself wanting to find out.

Every morning she sat on the bus alone, contemplating the world around her. It was with the sad realisation t

chapter 1: The Idea (added 2012/01/10)
chapter 2: The Plan (added 2012/01/10)

Break-up Scene. The burden one holds with them as they destroy the one they love. One shot, complete.
chapter 1: broken (added 2011/12/29)

Captive, a Poem
A poem.
chapter 1: One. (added 2009/12/21)

Blue November
The lives of Hayley and Josh, best friends and next door neighbours, changed forever when Hayley's mother abandoned her just a year before the story takes place. They face fears, insecurites, love and ...more
chapter 1: Hayley. (added 2010/02/22)
chapter 2: Josh. (added 2010/03/01)
chapter 3: Hayley. (added 2010/06/04)
chapter 4: Josh. (added 2011/01/20)
chapter 5: Epilogue. (added 2011/01/20)

Torn Away
I stare into Keira’s blank eyes; trying to grasp what’s happened. She’s still staring in my direction, but her consciousness is gone. I want to leave; I want to run away and never think of her again, ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2009/10/17)
chapter 2: Chapter Two (added 2009/10/17)
chapter 3: Chapter Three (added 2009/10/17)
chapter 4: Chapter Four (added 2009/10/17)
chapter 5: Chapter Five (added 2009/10/18)
chapter 6: Chapter Six (added 2009/10/20)
chapter 7: Chapter Seven (added 2009/11/05)
chapter 8: Capter Eight (added 2009/11/05)