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All the Broken Peices
Wishing on everything
chapter 1: All the Broken Peices (added 2010/12/26)

Fire, that was how Merrin remembered her sixteenth birthday. Fire, screaming and tears.
In one night her family was taken away from her, casualties of a war that she didn't know was going on.
With the

chapter 1: Prolouge ~ The Beginning of the End (added 2010/12/26)

10 Things
Confessions of the Teenage Writer Girl
chapter 1: 10 Things to know (added 2010/11/23)
chapter 2: 10 Things to Love (added 2010/11/23)
chapter 3: 10 things to hate (added 2010/11/24)
chapter 4: 10 things I wish I had the courage to say to you (added 2010/11/26)
chapter 5: 10 Things I'd never be able to live without (added 2010/11/29)
chapter 6: 10 Things to wish for (added 2010/11/29)
chapter 7: 10 People that mean the world to me (added 2010/11/29)
chapter 8: 10 Songs to Play Over and Over (added 2010/11/29)
chapter 9: 10 Ways to Work Your Way Into My Heart (added 2010/11/30)
chapter 10: 10 Last Words (added 2010/12/01)

Dear Someone~
A little like Postsecret in my own way.
chapter 1: You Don't Know (added 2010/11/09)
chapter 2: I've been there, just not the same place you were~ (added 2010/11/12)

ok, so this little tid-bit just jumped into my head. I like it. I'll tell you more about it when I figure it out myself.
chapter 1: Chosen, but Forgotten (added 2010/04/16)

I've learned that being born Marked isn't the greatest thing. But being born marked in the Middle of the Biggest War in History is even worse.

chapter 1: Silently Unholy (added 2009/08/17)
chapter 2: You can run but you'll end up fighting. (added 2010/02/24)
chapter 3: Blood In the Water (added 2010/12/03)

Collection of Poems that felt the need to be written :)
chapter 1: Blinded (added 2009/03/06)
chapter 2: Lies (added 2009/08/15)
chapter 3: Long time (added 2009/08/22)
chapter 4: Smile (added 2010/01/29)
chapter 5: Freedom (added 2010/01/29)
chapter 6: Vanish (added 2010/01/30)
chapter 7: I'm falling in like with you (added 2010/09/12)
chapter 8: Secrets (added 2010/09/12)
chapter 9: I am here (added 2010/09/14)