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chapter 1: Edward's Lullaby (added 2009/07/19)

Check Yes Baby
sung to the song Check Yes Juliet
chapter 1: Check Yes Baby (added 2009/07/19)

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chapter 1: Goodbye? (added 2009/07/19)

First and Last

chapter 1: Goodbye? (added 2009/07/19)

miley cyrus/ bon jovi beat
chapter 1: Waiting (added 2009/07/06)

chapter 1: One Soul (added 2009/07/06)

apprehensive heart
chapter 1: none (added 2009/07/06)

Beach, Skyline
chapter 1: Night (added 2009/05/02)
chapter 2: Morning (added 2009/05/08)
chapter 3: Evening (added 2009/07/06)

I'll Make It Go Away
Bella and Edward Love Poem
chapter 1: I'll Make It Go Away (added 2009/04/23)

Meeting People
Poetry, Romance
chapter 1: Meeting The One I Want To Meet (added 2009/04/28)

Sung to the Song unforgetable by Nat King Cole
chapter 1: Unforgetable (added 2009/02/19)

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean version of when Will and Elisabeth first met. The Abandoned Ship; Chapter 1 is in Elisabeth's perspective. A New Home; Chapter 2 is in Will's perspective. It is on their young ...more
chapter 1: Ther Abandoned Ship. (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 2: A New Home (added 2009/02/16)

This is a paper I wrote on Magnesium for its history and its uses in science and language arts class.
chapter 1: Magnesium (added 2009/02/16)

Artic Snow Bear
Includes polar bear description, living, cycle,adaptations and other facts about polar bears.
chapter 1: Artic Snow Bear (added 2009/02/16)

Deanios Casino
Dean is my mom's boyfriends's name. We all hangout like a family. My baby cousin, Anthony of four years calls him Deanio the Dinosoar. Anyways, Dean, my mom- Luanne, my brother- Austin and I play 'bla ...more
chapter 1: Deanios Casino (added 2009/02/16)

Sung to the song Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana.
chapter 1: Fragel-Box (added 2009/02/15)

Moonlight Kiss
Love and Romance poem I made up randomly.
chapter 1: Moonlight Kiss (added 2009/02/15)

Neil Armstrong ABC book
Neil Armstrong
chapter 1: Why My Hero Is A Hero Intro (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 2: Apollo 11 (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 3: Buzz Aldrin (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 4: Career (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 5: Dream (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 6: Engineering (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 7: Family (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 8: Gemini 8 (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 9: Houston (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 10: I (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 11: J (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 12: Korean War (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 13: Life after NASA (added 2009/02/16)
chapter 14: Medals and Awards (added 2009/02/16)

Hope or No Hope
Titanic Poem; Rose Dawson
chapter 1: Hope or No Hope (added 2009/02/15)