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She climbed the mountain
On the top of Mount Everest,
She stands,
Reaching its precipice
Taking a deep breath,
& beaming with joyous pride

chapter 1: Mount Everest (added 2012/12/08)

The Player of the Flute
In my dreams-- I walk towards an enchanted land,
A land of delights—far away
Crossing the silent forests and the running rivers
Holding a bag of flutes in my shoulder--
Stopping near the abyss of a waterf...more

chapter 1: -- (added 2012/07/28)

Mirror, Mirror
A woman confesses to a magic mirror and seeks help..
chapter 1: - (added 2012/04/30)

I Wish--A Poem By Me
I wish there were rivers,
Running through these busy streets
I wish there were hills and farms,
Covered with grass and wheat
I wish there were dense forests,
Outside my locked door
I wish there were pretty...more

chapter 1: -- (added 2011/12/13)

Fish Tank--A Poem by me
A poet feels sorry for the fishes in a fish tank..
chapter 1: -- (added 2011/12/08)

The Poet--Poem by me
A father proudly praising his son, a young poet..
chapter 1: -- (added 2011/12/08)

199 Balloons
“Go and play boy. You seem to have missed playing in the mountains for a long time!!”—-Saris is a mountain boy who loves the mountains and spends his time, guiding people to the mountain top. One day...more
chapter 1: -- (added 2011/12/04)

The Way Of The World--Short Story
God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. A touching story of an old man who sets birds free from their cages, up into the open sky experiencing true joy and happ...more
chapter 1: -- (added 2011/11/30)

Atop a tall tree house
Atop a tall tree house
He starts to write,
Of his lavish brilliant life
In short sweet poems

He writes and writes
In company of the birds
In company of the woodpecker
Who pecks on his tree

chapter 1: -- (added 2011/11/28)

The Storyteller--A Poem By Me
He’s no ordinary,
He’s no ordinary man, son
For--he is a man who is truly
Blessed with gifted power,
from mighty heaven above.
He is a unique person son
A storyteller of class, caliber and talent
He is widel...more

chapter 1: -- (added 2011/11/23)

A Lake Of Grapes
“Why, boy”
“Why did you throw the grapes into the lake?”
“Are there no other boys in this town to take?”
“You could only have eaten them all, for God’s sake!”

chapter 1: -- (added 2011/11/14)

Thoughts of an old man on his deathbed who wishes to live and continue his adventurous life...
chapter 1: -- (added 2011/11/12)

The Dolls ( Poem + Analysis )
Two china dolls---
I gave the master
One of a black man,
One of a fair girl,
Who both looked young
And blossoming into youth..

‘Keep one doll you like’, master
I tell him
‘For I would save the other one
To gi...more

chapter 1: 1 (added 2011/11/11)

Another Rainy Day
a man expresses his thoughts on the pouring rain..
chapter 1: 1 (added 2011/10/31)

The Sad Joker
He was a sad joker, who lived at the end of Isle Street, down a steep hill. He lived alone in a small old cottage with 3 windows overlooking the Isle cricket field. From the small windows everyday (in...more
chapter 1: Short Story (added 2011/08/08)

Fiona Dreams--Part 8 (I belong to Fiona)
I regret Fiona for with all my creative love, I could not satisfy the Fiona in you.
chapter 1: Dreamy quotes (added 2011/06/09)

Fiona Dreams--Part 7 ( Plane To Heaven )
Heaven I heard is going to freezing cold. So please carry some blankets and please do not bring any heavy luggage Fiona darling (other than your teddy bear and your make-up kit and few pillows, to spe...more
chapter 1: That Special Plane (added 2011/04/18)

Here Comes The Rain
What if I could imagine just this---Just as rain purifies the dust, dirt and nourishes the plants and animals—just as that way—what if human beings could clear away the evil thoughts and purify their...more
chapter 1: nature story (added 2011/04/15)

Fiona Dreams--Part 6 (More Fiona Dreams)
Everything in this world..
Everything in Heaven,
Every single bit..
Mine and Ours

More thoughts---More Illusory Fiona Dreams

chapter 1: Dreamy Quotes (added 2011/04/09)

Fiona Dreams--Part 5 ( How I Unite With Fiona )
In heaven Fiona and me unite, when she leaves me at the end..I had become blind in the later stage of my life and when she parted with me, I had to destroy myself, to unite with her..
chapter 1: Sneak Peak (added 2011/03/26)

I Would Never Stop Loving You--Love Letter to Fiona
My first love letter to Fiona, imaginary lover and friend..
chapter 1: Dreamy letter (added 2011/03/25)

If You Are Always By My Side--Poem To Fiona
If you are always by my side
I would forever have a reason
To smile and be happy
For I would know that it would be always you
And always me
Living forever in joy and peace!!
If I could write a poem to Fion...more

chapter 1: Dreamy Poem (added 2011/03/25)

Fiona Dreams--3--4 - Dreams and Fantasies
As I had no one to fall in love with, I created a special imaginary friend called Fiona and I write about her everyday...
chapter 1: The next continuing stages of my dreams (added 2011/03/23)

Hope At The End Of The Tunnel
Sunshine provides me hope..a short poem to sit back relax, enjoy and think...
chapter 1: Dreamy Poem (added 2011/11/26)

I Will Come For You
i just wrote an inspirational poem from my heart..after writing it I suddenly felt that it was so good..maybe it will attract millions who want to know the meaning of this poem..maybe nobody may like...more
chapter 1: Dreamy Poem (added 2011/03/22)

Love Song By The Spring Pool
Dedicated to all the lovers who sing love songs to their lovers all the time!!!!
chapter 1: Love Song (added 2011/03/22)

Vampiric dark gothic horror that sends chills down your spine..
chapter 1: Horror poetry (added 2011/03/22)

The Box Full Of Feathers--The Story Behind My Poem
How the old man got the gift of the box full of feathers--sequel to my poem "The Box Full Of Feathers".
chapter 1: Full Story (added 2011/03/21)

The Box Full Of Feathers
A gift I received on my wedding day!!
chapter 1: Dreamy Poem (added 2011/03/21)

Resting On Your Grave--Vampiric Poem
Won't we meet again my love?? My heart is just craving for you to write this poem...
chapter 1: Dreamy Poem (added 2011/03/21)

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