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Just stuff
chapter 1: Pageant (added 2014/01/26)
chapter 2: writing excersize #1: character building (added 2014/07/18)
chapter 3: Writing Excersize #2: Prompt into story (added 2014/07/18)

not titled yet
not sure yet. Haha. We'll see where it goes. :P
chapter 1: Chapter one - probably prolugue (added 2014/11/23)

First Boyfriends SUCK(Edited version)
To those of you who love a good love story, I thnk you may have picked up the wrong book. But then again I don't know why your standard of love story is. If you choose to read this, than please forgiv ...more
chapter 1: Prologue- A letter to you (added 2012/12/04)
chapter 2: An Excited Martha (added 2012/05/02)

A Fluffy Tale
Annabel, a fluffy gray house cat, loves her humans very much. When she finds out one of them is sick, she gets rather distressed. But her mind is almost immediately taken off of that as Athena, her si ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/11/04)
chapter 2: An Alternate Ending (added 2011/11/20)
chapter 3: Athena's Dream Come to Life (added 2011/12/08)

A collections of feelings, rantings, sob

chapter 1: Tears of grief (added 2011/06/11)
chapter 2: A Dream... (added 2011/06/11)
chapter 3: Day one of chorus rehearsal (added 2011/06/14)
chapter 4: How unhelpful (added 2011/07/20)
chapter 5: Single, for ever and always (added 2011/08/03)
chapter 6: Finding someone, then losing them for the sake of trust. (added 2011/10/02)
chapter 7: Fuck my Life (added 2011/10/04)
chapter 8: People Say... (added 2012/02/06)

The Revenge on Snow White
When Matilda realized she was alive, and found out Snow White had survived as well, she wanted immediate revenge. Her transformation may have take a few years off her looks, but it took it's toll on h ...more
chapter 1: The Beginning to a New End (added 2011/05/28)
chapter 2: Five Years to Long (added 2011/05/29)
chapter 3: Her Death. Finally! (added 2011/05/30)

Hawaii and It's Magic
A collection of stories about young people who found them selves on the island of Oahu. Every one of these characters dance hula. And everyone of them have the respect for the Hawaiian culture that I ...more
chapter 1: Waves (added 2011/03/18)

The Society
This is a collection of either short of long stories, that all have to do with a society. They are mostly different societies, but they all have the same intent: controlling other people.
We'll take a

chapter 1: City in The wall (added 2011/01/18)
chapter 2: Brainwashed (added 2011/02/15)

Me Thinks I See Strange Things
Susan's life is all nice and dandy until she meets a creature in the park that shows her worlds behind three very special wooden doors, that she could only dream of seeing. A 15 year old girl with div ...more
chapter 1: sorry! (added 2011/03/08)

Painful stories.
chapter 1: Murder (added 2010/05/16)
chapter 2: Victoria (added 2010/05/21)
chapter 3: Death (added 2010/07/17)

Short storys
Lots of different little storys.
chapter 1: Wishing (added 2009/06/16)
chapter 2: A Christmas Story (added 2010/12/14)

Advice to myself and anyone who will take it
I've always had this. I just dont usually give it out. But I usually get this from somewhere else.
chapter 1: yourself (added 2009/06/12)
chapter 2: friends (added 2009/06/12)
chapter 3: By Sophia (added 2009/06/23)
chapter 4: something i need advice on, and something that might be useful to others (added 2010/07/18)
chapter 5: Guys(pretty much for girls only:P)) (added 2010/07/19)
chapter 6: love and secrets... (added 2010/11/02)
chapter 7: Love/crushes (added 2011/02/20)

My poetry
A collection of poems written by me, myself and I. Some from when I'm bored, some from when I'm trying to get my imagination going, and others from having a broken heart or two.
I hope you enjoy. :)

chapter 1: Things (added 2012/06/18)
chapter 2: Feelings (added 2012/06/18)
chapter 3: Love (added 2012/06/19)
chapter 4: Makes No Sence (added 2012/06/19)
chapter 5: Ocean and Sky (added 2012/06/25)
chapter 6: Words (added 2009/06/16)
chapter 7: Rose (added 2013/06/21)
chapter 8: Alone (added 2009/09/04)
chapter 9: books (added 2009/09/09)
chapter 10: The Cheetah (added 2009/11/17)
chapter 11: Love is like magic (added 2010/12/09)
chapter 12: Time (added 2010/02/28)
chapter 13: High to Low (added 2010/12/14)
chapter 14: The Nonsense of Me (added 2010/12/26)
chapter 15: Falling (added 2011/01/29)
chapter 16: Miserable (added 2011/01/31)
chapter 17: That's what's Important (added 2011/02/15)
chapter 18: Here I am (added 2011/02/15)
chapter 19: Help Me Fight This War (added 2011/03/29)
chapter 20: Why? (added 2011/10/31)
chapter 21: Found Poem (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 22: Two Word Poem (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 23: Circle Poem (added 2012/01/16)
chapter 24: Publication, and the antagonist call Editing (added 2012/02/07)
chapter 25: Best Friends (added 2012/06/18)
chapter 26: Reports (added 2012/06/19)
chapter 27: Separation (added 2012/06/23)
chapter 28: The New and the Old. (added 2012/08/09)
chapter 29: Hell (added 2012/12/01)
chapter 30: Holidays (added 2012/12/04)
chapter 31: Love me (added 2013/01/01)
chapter 32: A dream. (added 2013/02/24)
chapter 33: Abandonment (added 2013/04/11)
chapter 34: "I love you" (added 2013/06/21)
chapter 35: Respect (added 2013/12/08)
chapter 36: Photography (added 2014/01/03)
chapter 37: Time (added 2014/01/03)
chapter 38: A Queen and Her Goddess (added 2014/01/04)
chapter 39: In matters of Love (added 2014/01/04)
chapter 40: Please (added 2014/01/04)

First Boyfriends SUCK
Kai's life falls out of balance when this guys she's liked since forever finally asks her out. Is he the right guy for her? Her other friends don't think so. When she feels likes she's turned her back ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/09/21)
chapter 2: An Excited Lehua (added 2010/12/14)
chapter 3: La Cavalletta (added 2010/09/22)
chapter 4: A Very Long Weekend (added 2010/06/11)
chapter 5: It's definatly Monday (added 2010/02/27)
chapter 6: What the Hell?! (added 2010/06/11)
chapter 7: He Can Go Die in a Corner (added 2010/06/14)
chapter 8: Can't help falling in love (added 2010/07/06)
chapter 9: Absolutely Positive (added 2010/11/07)