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The Death of Life
Poems about life crossing over.
chapter 1: Unforgiven Lost Cause (added 2011/08/04)
chapter 2: Scars For Your Heart (added 2011/08/04)

"VAMPIRE" And Other 7-Letter Words
Demy: a 16-year-old girl who has no idea that her best friend since kindergarten is a vampire
Quade: 17-year-old boy, Demy's best friend, insanely hot, and...a vampire?

chapter 1: First Day (added 2010/06/08)
chapter 2: When The Sun Shines... (added 2010/09/25)

Bloody Affection
chapter 1: Bloody Affection (added 2010/04/21)

chapter 1: Abuse (not finished) (added 2010/04/16)

I've Tried...
chapter 1: I've Tried... (added 2010/04/16)

Say You Will
chapter 1: Say You Will (added 2010/03/27)

Buried Alive
chapter 1: Buried Alive (added 2010/03/26)

World Behind My Wall
chapter 1: World Behind My Wall (added 2010/03/26)

Paper Hearts
chapter 1: Paper Hearts (added 2010/03/26)

Love Lies
chapter 1: Love Lies (added 2010/03/22)

Forever, With Love/ Fur Immer, mit Lieben
Emo poems
chapter 1: The Runners (added 2010/01/23)
chapter 2: Would You Cry? (added 2010/01/24)
chapter 3: Heartbroken (added 2010/03/05)
chapter 4: S[he] Be[lie]ve[d] (added 2010/03/05)
chapter 5: Little Black Box (added 2010/03/05)

The Suicide Diaries
The diaries of 10 girls who all had something terrible to look forward to.
chapter 1: Mandy's Diary (added 2010/03/27)
chapter 2: Evelyn's Diary (added 2010/03/27)

Dog Paws...And Then There's Me...
Lilly is hopeless romantic who can't seem to break if off with her boyfriend of 2 long years. She later on meets a very strange boy who seems to be a total howler...
chapter 1: Preface (added 2009/10/30)
chapter 2: Pushing Towards The Height of Ignorance (under construction) (added 2009/12/24)

Will You Be There?
This story is about a girl named Ricky who is trying to find herself. She's always being abused by her drunken father and her mother died when she was 10 years old. She has nowhere to go and doesn't k ...more
chapter 1: Finding...yourself (added 2009/09/06)
chapter 2: Just Another Pretty Face (added 2009/09/06)
chapter 3: Red, Black, & Blue (added 2009/09/06)
chapter 4: Drowning (added 2009/09/09)
chapter 5: Somebody to Love (added 2009/09/11)
chapter 6: Lost For Words (added 2009/10/04)
chapter 7: Hate Is A Word That I Love To Say About You (added 2009/12/04)
chapter 8: And The World Comes Crashing Down... (added 2010/02/28)
chapter 9: You Left Me...Alone... (added 2010/06/08)
chapter 10: Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds (added 2010/06/08)

Queen of the Damned (movie based)
*NOTE: I can't take full credit of this. I didn't come up with the names or the plot. The credit for that goes to Anne Rice & Michael Rymer. The rest of it is MINE.
This story is about the vampire

chapter 1: Preface- Lestat: The Awakening (added 2009/06/17)
chapter 2: Lestat: The Interview (added 2009/06/17)
chapter 3: Preface- Jessie: Haunted Dreams (added 2009/06/18)