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Catch the Cat - excerpt
This innovative children's book is designed to empower children to develop healthy lifestyle habits to last a lifetime. Equipping children with these skills at an early age will enable them to recogni ...more
chapter 1: Meet Zink the Cat (added 2009/04/26)

Murder at the Condiment Museum
An absurd comedy with absurd characters in an absurd situation.
chapter 1: Mustid Crusticus (added 2009/03/10)

Pray for the Hunters
Werewolf hunters come across something worse
chapter 1: Pray for the Hunters (added 2009/04/15)

I Asked for Strength
original inspirational poetry
chapter 1: I Asked for Strength (added 2009/03/10)

Zin the Wandering Sage - Chapter 1
A compilation of Taoist/Zen stories that follow the travels of Zin, a peaceful, monk-like hero. Some of the stories are retellings of tales of old, while others are completely new creations. The stori ...more
chapter 1: Zin at the Inn (added 2009/02/05)