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A Daytime Stroll Through Limbo
Eight raffle winners take a company trip to Istanbul. Seven make it home.

And everything falls to shit.

chapter 1: One (added 2015/02/21)
chapter 2: Two (added 2015/02/27)
chapter 3: Three (added 2015/03/06)
chapter 4: Four pt. 1 (added 2014/08/23)
chapter 5: Four pt. 2 (added 2014/07/19)

The Year of the Bug
The first time they speak, it’s evening, and they’ve just tripped over each other and landed in a tangled mess. Day Girl sprinting one way, Night Girl the other. The grass jumps quickly up to hide the ...more
chapter 1: I. (added 2013/07/01)

Junk Drawer
All the little short stories, drabbles, whatever you want to call them. They are here. Read them.
chapter 1: Just an Accident (added 2010/06/01)
chapter 2: Handprints (added 2010/06/02)
chapter 3: Glass Door (added 2010/06/06)
chapter 4: Intercom (added 2010/06/09)
chapter 5: Cake (added 2010/07/10)
chapter 6: Fire (added 2010/07/13)
chapter 7: Periodic Table (added 2010/08/11)