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Darkened Toast
Bad luck preveils in this tale of the Goddess of Rye Toast ;)
chapter 1: Darkened Toast (added 2009/04/16)

The Unauthorized Publication of Fairy Tales--The Truth!
Jake and Will Grimm have gotten every thing wrong and then they went and published it! Now Jack (the beanstalk Jack) has gone and interviewed all the people whose stories have been botched by the brot ...more
chapter 1: Prolugue (added 2009/04/11)
chapter 2: The Really Ugly Duckling (added 2009/04/11)
chapter 3: The Story of Hansel and Gretel (added 2009/04/11)
chapter 4: Frog > Prince (added 2009/04/11)

The Fission Department
During World War IV the russians have infiltrated our governament and with the help of one young woman, they are going to destroy the country
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/04/02)

Price of Survival
After a car crash Katie losses soemthing very important to her and is blame for the accident.
chapter 1: Price of Survival (added 2009/03/21)

A young assasu in's search for retribution for her father's sake.
chapter 1: read it! (added 2009/04/10)

2 poems I wrote
hahaha, these are 2 poems i wrote, they're pretty funny :)
chapter 1: Mischief (added 2009/04/04)
chapter 2: What Not To Do On St. Patrick's Day (added 2009/03/25)

For her going fast is her job, her passion, her future. Speed is her life.

I acually like this one quite alot :)

chapter 1: Read it! (added 2009/03/21)

Dublin's Secrets
There's a new family in New Englnd. They moved all the way from Dublin, but why? Their new maid is on a search for answers, after all what else is there do as a maid?
chapter 1: Chapter 1 , Arrival (added 2009/03/25)

Lies Spawn Hope
This is a story I wrot elate at night about a band of miscreants who are trying to overthrow the king.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/03/21)

Over You? Not really. Am I OK With That? Maybe.
sorry, not manditory for you to read this but I have to organize my thoughts and I do that best by writing.
chapter 1: It's Poetry for God's sake!! It doesn't Have chapters!! (added 2009/03/16)

Angel of War
Traveling alone for the first time Angelica is sucked into an entirely new world through a combination of pickpockets, public transportaton and bad luck.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/03/17)

St. Valentine
This is a kinda strange and morbid story about a mass-murderer who believes he has good intentions.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (and only) (added 2009/03/16)