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East of the Graveyard
chapter 1: East of the Graveyard (added 2009/06/29)

Wobots Don't Hold Baws
'Don't bother me,' Takes a huge bight of hamburger. 'I'm eating.' Carls Junior logo pops up.

We're always watching... be careful of what you do!

chapter 1: Lets have a pokemon battle (added 2009/01/28)
chapter 2: Happiness depends upon ourselves (added 2009/03/16)
chapter 3: Polka Dot Socks (...Not That!) (added 2009/07/19)
chapter 4: Do the Trick or Trea-ea-eat (added 2010/07/21)
chapter 5: You'll Lose Your Mind (added 2010/01/05)
chapter 6: I Could Kiss Him if You Want Me To (added 2010/07/21)
chapter 7: Green is for Go (added 2010/07/26)
chapter 8: Invention of Lying (added 2010/07/27)