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Miss Agnes and the Yankee Girl
Stand alone story concerning a young woman learning about prejudice in the American South in an unusual way.
chapter 1: Everything is Better When the Food Tastes Good (added 2010/03/26)

Family Portraits
Margaret follows her plan to have her portrait taken in a department store with Duchess
chapter 1: Margaret's Caper (added 2009/03/13)

The Colors of a Room
Collection of poetry which analyzes the scenes we see from a single place in rooms day after day, including special notice of the mundane and how these affect our lives.
Rhyme scheme is ABCB-DD with th

chapter 1: My Coffee Cup (added 2009/05/30)
chapter 2: My Paperweight (added 2009/05/30)

The Seduction of Honor
Young man, a narcissist, derives ways of getting his own way in a long trip through the US. One girl provides more than he can handle.
chapter 1: Adrian’s Stillwater Arrival (added 2009/01/14)