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Your game is fake!
Matilda Gottrocks et al scambait a dimwitted lad, Larry.
chapter 1: published on scamorama.com (added 2009/03/03)

Jim's Top Ten Lists
books, music, movies, etc
chapter 1: Top Ten Books (added 2008/12/31)
chapter 2: Movies (added 2008/12/31)
chapter 3: Music (added 2009/01/05)

Actual scambaiting emails
Matilda Gottrocks receives a 419 dead bank scammer letter. Watch the scammer come unglued as the plot unfolds.

Larry Smith: Dim-witted scammer lad who morphs into a cancer victim during the bait.


chapter 1: Matilda Gottrocks gets a dead bank email from Larry (added 2008/12/18)
chapter 2: Matilda meets another scammer Sgt Clayton (added 2008/12/22)
chapter 3: Matilda gives David Roberts a good slap down (added 2008/12/23)