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First Responder
A series of vignettes involving a first responder's experiences of an alien arrival juxtaposed against Congress.
chapter 1: Full Story (added 2009/01/27)

A man driven to serial killing.
chapter 1: Complete Story (added 2009/01/25)

The Oral History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
When a totalitarian regime takes power, the first thing to go are the books. The books become oral histories. Under this regime, performing Shakespeare is punishable by death.
chapter 1: full story (added 2009/01/25)

The Hidden: Urban Decay
Malcolm Pierce must fight a demon that causes decay with the help of the Chicago Police Department, an organization of Shapeshifters, scientists from Fermi Lab and messages from an unknown magical sou ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/01/27)

Icarus Flew Over the Labyrinth
An elder writer gets lost in the story.
chapter 1: Short Story (added 2009/01/27)