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Tonight She Is...
A poem I wrote for a creative writing class in college. The assignment was to write a poem, where every line began with a verb. I added the last stanza after the fact, trying to give her--and me--a mo ...more
chapter 1: - (added 2008/08/01)

a poem I wrote in high school
chapter 1: - (added 2009/01/04)

Some magnetic fridge poetry I did last night. My oh my, this was a challenge. If the beginning seems more cheery than the end, that's because it changed, and then changed again as I was creating it, j ...more
chapter 1: liveless (added 2008/07/11)

On Big and Small, Weather and Instrument
An instrument of man ponders its existence
chapter 1: On Big and Small, Weather and Instrument (added 2008/07/20)