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The In Between
Here it goes, I guess this is the story of a group of friends, enemies, loves, everyone basically. This Story is about how some days feel like magic, while others convince you that you'll never ever b ...more
chapter 1: Introduction (added 2011/11/10)
chapter 2: Brig (added 2011/11/10)
chapter 3: Ky (added 2011/11/16)

Life changes in an instant. In an instant my whole life was changed. I went from Mari, the free-spirited friend with almost no life, to Princessa Mariella, heir to the throne of Sicily. I know what yo ...more
chapter 1: chapter 1 (added 2011/06/28)
chapter 2: chapter 2 (added 2011/06/28)
chapter 3: chapter 3 (added 2011/06/28)
chapter 4: chapter 4 (added 2011/06/30)
chapter 5: chapter 5 (added 2011/07/01)
chapter 6: chapter 6 (added 2011/07/02)
chapter 7: chapter 7 (added 2011/07/18)

the summer of the dog fish
i am offically a loner, i mean what kind of girl spends her summer in sunny australia, cooped up in a fish tank, talking to swimming mammals. i mean i could be sitting in the sun, tanning on the beach ...more
chapter 1: just another day at the office (added 2010/08/12)
chapter 2: i learn the meaning of dog fish (added 2010/08/12)
chapter 3: oh brother! (added 2010/08/12)
chapter 4: just call me fish girl (added 2011/09/06)

romance in cell 502
when ruby goes to jail most she doesn't want anything to do with the other prisoners unitl devin shows up and helps her through her year in jail and her troubled past
chapter 1: prologue (added 2009/07/23)
chapter 2: arrival (added 2009/07/23)
chapter 3: courtyard (added 2009/07/23)
chapter 4: notes (added 2009/07/23)
chapter 5: dinner (added 2009/07/24)
chapter 6: fight (added 2009/07/24)
chapter 7: tears (Devin's POV) (added 2009/07/24)
chapter 8: explanation (added 2009/08/02)