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Mixed Metaphor Corner
I don't know why I didn't start this years ago, but better late than never.
chapter 1: Current Affairs (added 2014/07/23)
chapter 2: Fiction (added 2015/01/07)
chapter 3: Pop Science (added 2014/06/24)

Off-topic stuff that cannot be posted as reviews
chapter 1: Recent mail from Goodreads (added 2013/10/14)
chapter 2: Moving for clever people (added 2013/10/30)
chapter 3: Hydras (added 2013/10/30)
chapter 4: This is what I meant (added 2013/10/30)
chapter 5: Not the art of war (added 2013/10/30)
chapter 6: Civil obedience (added 2013/10/30)
chapter 7: Rules for deleting off-topic reviews (added 2013/10/30)
chapter 8: Letter from a follower (added 2013/10/18)
chapter 9: How many people are leaving? (added 2013/11/10)

Political Anagrams
What it sounds like
chapter 1: A New Hope (added 2012/08/18)

The GoodReads Movie
Now that BirdBrian's invented this game, I want to play too!
chapter 1: Dream sequence (added 2012/04/18)

The Unexpurgated Web Code
A piece of homage to Donleavy's The Unexpurgated Code which I wrote with Kat's help some time last year. I can't remember who should be blamed for what, but probably quite a lot of it is my fault.
chapter 1: On conducting a flame war with one’s sock puppet (added 2011/11/09)
chapter 2: On having so many online friends that you can’t remember even 10% of their names (added 2011/11/09)
chapter 3: On End User License Agreements (added 2011/11/09)
chapter 4: On being interrupted when you are on the point of beating your high score (added 2011/11/09)
chapter 5: On setting up an account in the name of God (added 2011/11/21)
chapter 6: On having one’s friend request accepted by a porn star (added 2011/11/21)
chapter 7: On accidentally forwarding a sexy private email to everyone at your place of work (added 2011/11/21)
chapter 8: On being a middle-aged man impersonating a much younger woman (added 2011/11/21)
chapter 9: On writing a dissertation entirely plagiarised from the Web (added 2011/11/21)
chapter 10: On obsessively editing Wikipedia articles to reflect your own narrow view of reality (added 2011/11/21)
chapter 11: On the dangers of using multiple simultaneous cybersex windows (added 2011/11/21)

Celebrity Death Match Review Elimination Tournament
I think the title says it all. Apologies to Paul Bryant for shamelessly ripping off his idea.
chapter 1: The Rules (added 2011/10/04)
chapter 2: Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament: Round 1 (added 2011/11/11)
chapter 3: Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament: Round 2 (added 2011/11/11)
chapter 4: Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament: Quarter-Finals (added 2011/11/11)
chapter 5: Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament: Semi-Finals (added 2011/11/11)
chapter 6: Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament: Final (added 2012/06/15)
chapter 7: Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament: Exhibition Matches (added 2014/04/13)
chapter 8: But seriously... (added 2011/11/24)

Thoughts on Religion
Stuff that will probably get me burned at the stake some time.
chapter 1: Why The Afterlife Is Like The Square Root Of Minus One (added 2011/07/25)
chapter 2: Design For A New Cult (added 2011/06/23)
chapter 3: User Interfaces, Prayer and Black Magic (added 2011/06/23)

Two Dialogues About Quantum Suicide
You don't know what quantum suicide is? Then you need to read on...
chapter 1: Quantum Reality TV (added 2011/05/25)
chapter 2: Return Of The Revenge Of Faust 3: This Time It's Quantum (added 2011/05/25)

The Twelve Labours of Goodreads
How to become a Goodreads god/goddess
chapter 1: The List (added 2011/02/05)
chapter 2: My Own Progress Towards Goodreads Godhood (added 2011/02/05)
chapter 3: The Book of Mariel (added 2011/02/07)

Voicemail to Mom
An attempt to translate Matthew 6:9-13 into Twilight-generation teen language.
chapter 1: Voicemail to Mom (added 2010/11/30)

The Meyre Affair
In response to overwhelming popular demand...
chapter 1: Unexpected developments (added 2010/11/21)

Religious jokes
God must had something in mind when he created them, right?
chapter 1: The Priest and the Rabbi (added 2010/08/13)
chapter 2: Not as in the Bible (added 2010/11/02)

Open Letters
I don't care who knows
chapter 1: A Reply to David v3.2 (added 2010/08/12)
chapter 2: Twilight reviews, Humbert, personal responsibility etc (added 2010/10/03)

Racist jokes
Luckily I'm very multi-ethnic, so I consider I have the right to insult a lot of nationalities. Feel free to insult me back. Most things will work.

In more detail, if you're curious: I was born in Engl

chapter 1: Four in one (added 2010/07/28)
chapter 2: French/Swiss jokes (added 2010/07/29)
chapter 3: Meta? (added 2010/10/16)
chapter 4: Breton/Norman jokes (added 2010/10/16)
chapter 5: Estonian/Russian jokes (added 2010/10/29)
chapter 6: Swedish/Norwegian jokes (added 2010/11/12)
chapter 7: Finnish jokes (added 2010/11/18)
chapter 8: Texan jokes (added 2011/04/04)
chapter 9: Australian jokes (added 2011/09/08)
chapter 10: Indian jokes (added 2011/09/09)
chapter 11: Greek/Italian jokes (added 2013/02/01)

French jokes
Sorry, no translations
chapter 1: Toto et le Général (added 2010/07/15)

Geek jokes
Enter at own risk.
chapter 1: Light bulbs (added 2014/03/08)
chapter 2: Physics (added 2012/08/07)
chapter 3: Chemistry (added 2010/12/13)
chapter 4: The Halloween/Christmas joke (added 2010/10/31)
chapter 5: Biology (added 2011/02/21)
chapter 6: Mathematics (added 2012/10/04)
chapter 7: Statistics (added 2011/04/12)
chapter 8: Psychology (added 2011/05/13)
chapter 9: Accountancy (added 2011/05/11)
chapter 10: Philosophy (added 2014/11/09)

Sexist jokes
I don't think any of this is funny, you understand.
chapter 1: The Three Engineers and the Genie (added 2010/07/13)
chapter 2: Threesomes (added 2010/10/27)
chapter 3: Desperate measures (added 2010/09/28)
chapter 4: The Feminist Zombie Neurologist Joke (added 2010/10/28)
chapter 5: Variants on the Jamaica joke (added 2012/09/19)

Translations from various languages
chapter 1: A children's book in parallel Norwegian, Swedish and English (added 2009/05/05)
chapter 2: The Story of Fairminded Gudrun (added 2009/05/05)
chapter 3: I don't want to go to bed! (added 2010/02/08)
chapter 4: Party time, Alfons Åberg! (added 2010/03/21)
chapter 5: Lili Watches Too Much TV (added 2010/09/05)

Books someone should write
Book ideas that I've discussed with various degrees of seriousness. If I don't get around to writing them, maybe you will!
chapter 1: What Computers Can Do (added 2009/03/29)
chapter 2: Hisako And The Old Man Who Didn't Know The War Was Over (added 2009/03/28)
chapter 3: Tuesday Is The Day Of Achievement (added 2009/03/27)
chapter 4: Charlie (added 2009/10/18)
chapter 5: Three Twilight Fan-Fics (added 2009/11/19)
chapter 6: A Hollywood Blockbuster Idea (added 2009/12/08)
chapter 7: Teresa (added 2010/08/04)
chapter 8: I Fucked The Ontological Argument For The Existence Of God (added 2012/05/18)

Short pieces
Random ideas that occur to me from time to time
chapter 1: The Bad Fairy Godmother Strikes Again (added 2009/04/19)
chapter 2: New slogan? (added 2009/04/11)
chapter 3: Collaborations I'd like to see (added 2009/11/19)
chapter 4: Election Special (added 2010/05/04)
chapter 5: Greek tragedy (added 2010/08/14)
chapter 6: Not the trailer for "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" (added 2013/02/05)
chapter 7: Olive racists (added 2013/02/17)

I want to write erotic trash novels too!
chapter 1: Medium Latte, a Breed Series Short Story inspired by Lora Leigh (added 2009/03/10)

Things I like to cook, that people sometimes ask me about
chapter 1: Super-quick Greek-Italian spaghetti (added 2009/03/09)
chapter 2: Salmon Florentine (added 2009/02/15)
chapter 3: Chicken in Red Wine (added 2009/03/10)
chapter 4: Spaghetti with quick tomato sauce (added 2009/03/10)
chapter 5: Upmarket Bolognaise Sauce (added 2009/03/12)
chapter 6: Warm Spicy Chicken Salad (added 2010/07/15)

Bad poetry by me
What it says on the label
chapter 1: From a Swedish milk packet (added 2009/03/28)
chapter 2: Theorem Envy (added 2009/04/17)
chapter 3: Read "The Hunting of the Snark"! (added 2009/04/09)
chapter 4: Inspired by my Muse Du Jour (added 2010/08/12)

I'm Just Not That Into Reading You: Literary Break-Up Letters
When I noticed that Jessica and I had both independently written reviews with the same theme. Please send me your examples if you've done something similar!
chapter 1: Letters (added 2010/07/27)

Thoughts on "The Audacity of Hope"
Chapter by chapter review of Obama's book
chapter 1: First half (added 2009/02/04)
chapter 2: Second half (added 2009/03/30)

Love and Semantics
What does "I love you" mean? I present examples contributed by many people on GR and discuss their implications.
chapter 1: Examples (added 2009/02/08)
chapter 2: On saying "I love you" (added 2010/11/28)

My Infinite Jest blog
Thoughts as I progressed through Infinite Jest. Started as a review, but became too long to fit.
chapter 1: The first two thirds (added 2009/03/09)
chapter 2: The last third (added 2009/01/24)

A Tribute to Robin Baker's "Sperm Wars"
Originally intended as a review of the book, but wouldn't fit due to length
chapter 1: Part 1 (added 2008/12/31)
chapter 2: Part 2 (added 2009/01/30)