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The Life of Fear
A story about Fear and his associates, Gloomy and Anxiety. His girlfriend Joy will also be making appearances:)
chapter 1: A Regular Day (added 2011/09/01)

Random Super Short Stories
Random pieces I've written just for the sake of writing. Most of the stories will probably be entries I will or have used for writing contests
chapter 1: Basketballs in the Breeze (added 2011/02/18)
chapter 2: The Amulet (added 2011/02/18)
chapter 3: The Element of Surprise (props to Nate for the title) (added 2011/02/18)
chapter 4: 'Till Death Do Us Part (added 2011/04/17)
chapter 5: Stream of Consciousness (added 2011/06/25)
chapter 6: Too Lazy to Name This (added 2011/07/12)
chapter 7: Continuation of that^- I ♥ Zombies (added 2011/09/03)
chapter 8: The Tale of Slappy and Tappy (added 2011/10/14)
chapter 9: The Cold Wind Blows (added 2011/11/12)
chapter 10: Music prompt (added 2012/02/11)
chapter 11: I Want Blood (added 2012/08/18)
chapter 12: Prompt 2 (added 2012/09/08)