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Dreams: all my ideas come from my dreams. another wolf story
chapter 1: Abandoned (added 2011/01/19)

Japan: kitsune is a female werewolf, tanuki is a male werewolf.

Laesme is an orphan girl who gets kidnapped and turned into a werewolf assassin. she meets young and handsome Ethan and finds out the s

chapter 1: The becoming (added 2010/11/11)
chapter 2: Kitsune: Laemse (added 2010/11/11)
chapter 3: Tanuki: Ethan (added 2010/11/11)
chapter 4: Laesme: The Fight (added 2010/11/11)
chapter 5: Ethan: The Old Wolf (added 2011/01/19)
chapter 6: Laesme: Not sure (added 2011/01/19)

My Guardian of the Night
My name is Jayden, a week from my birthday i start having haunting nightmares about him. Adrien, the guy i grew up with and loved so dearly, that is til he left for 5 years. Then one day just coming b ...more
chapter 1: Haunting (added 2010/11/11)
chapter 2: Adrien (added 2010/11/11)
chapter 3: Wishing for Home (added 2011/01/19)