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The Spiral of Hatred
On the psychological and philosophical climate of hatred.
chapter 1: single post (added 2011/01/19)

Ideological Archeology
A look up close at the founders of the Counter Enlightenment movement (the anti modernists), the roots of Socialism, communism, Nazism, fascism and Postmodernism.
chapter 1: The Counter-Enlightenment (I) (added 2011/01/19)
chapter 2: Rousseau's Ravages (II) (added 2011/01/19)
chapter 3: Countering Kant (III) (added 2011/01/19)
chapter 4: Heckling Hegel (IV) (added 2011/01/19)
chapter 5: Flunking Fichte (V) (added 2011/01/19)