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Mystery in Mistead
Copyright 2011 Alysha Speer Ltd. All rights reserved.

I had to write a 7-page mystery for my English class. I thought it was hilariously pathetic :P If you want to catch a creeped-out laugh, here it

chapter 1: Mystery In Mistead (added 2011/02/03)

Poetry: Everything
Copyright 2011 Alysha Speer Ltd. All rights reserved. ...more
chapter 1: How Silent Is She? (added 2010/03/31)
chapter 2: Past My Bed the Black of Night Breaks (added 2010/03/31)
chapter 3: Too Fake (added 2010/03/31)
chapter 4: One Girl (added 2010/03/31)
chapter 5: Remember Me (added 2011/06/17)
chapter 6: Lonely (added 2010/03/31)
chapter 7: Sometimes (added 2010/04/12)
chapter 8: Learning To Stop Cutting (added 2010/04/07)
chapter 9: I Remember (added 2010/04/07)
chapter 10: Why? (added 2010/04/08)
chapter 11: The Mirror (added 2010/04/12)
chapter 12: Her Memories (added 2010/04/12)
chapter 13: This life. (added 2010/05/09)
chapter 14: Just Alive (added 2010/06/28)
chapter 15: This Girl (added 2011/03/04)
chapter 16: Child Abuse (added 2011/03/19)
chapter 17: Feel. (added 2011/05/20)

British Slang
An assignment I had in history last year, I had to write a short story and use as many British slang words as I could.

Copyright 2009 Alysha Speer Ltd. All rights reserved.

chapter 1: British Slang (added 2009/10/17)

Don't Be Emo
I had a friend who started to make a mistake, a mistake just like I did, so I wrote her a poem anonymously. In the end, I didn't have to give it to her. But I thought I'd post it on here anyway.


chapter 1: Dear Friend (added 2009/05/09)

My Wedding Day
Michelle and her new hub Anthony are headed on their honeymoon to Hawaii but everything, I mean everything goes wrong. Turns out Michelle looses her true love.

Copyright 2009 Alysha Speer Ltd. All rig

chapter 1: Short Story. (added 2009/11/14)