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Morality Perspective on the Twilight Series
“YOU ARE BIZARRELY MORAL FOR A VAMPIRE!” Bella chuckles to Edward, the lover of her SOUL, truely
chapter 1: a spiritual look at twilight love (added 2008/09/25)

Enrapture Me
song lyrics/prayer: a quiet plea for rescue from pain and the absence of feeling, from fear and isolation and the agony of unfading memories.
chapter 1: song lyrics (added 2008/09/26)

Abandoned Child
Ode to the abandoned child and all who are alone in the dark bound by fear and painful memories
chapter 1: abandoned (added 2008/09/25)

Walking In Bella's Woods
Inspired by Bella's emotional death experience in the woods of Stephenie Meyer's New Moon, this is the first entry in my own personal journal of rebirth and the beginning of my first novel.
chapter 1: Waking Up (added 2008/09/25)