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Mark the Vessel (Book 1 of The Abyss)
A PG-13 horror/fantasy trilogy

At the end of the day, he never expected to make friends with a demon.

Al Van Johansson was simply a curious adventurer. All his life, he had always been thrilled by prosp

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2013/06/20)

Amateur In Love
free male/male novella WIP

Nate experiences love for the first time in his 23 years of living, not to mention with someone of the same sex. It isn't often you fall for the honest friend you've known fo

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2013/06/17)

The Club of Unusual Names
free male/male online fiction (ongoing) - may be "published" on GR later when I progress more

Argentina Davis never appreciated his name or his parents for naming him such a thing. Because of it, he ha

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2013/06/17)

His Troublesome Assistant
A/N: free male/male online fiction (ongoing) - may be "published" later when I progress more

Andrew Collen finally met his ideal man, but too bad Guy Anderson had a character so unlike his physical app

chapter 1: Getting to know him (added 2013/11/04)

I Want To Recognize
short story contest entry for Figment 'Loop Contest' - only 450 word count max.

Memories are such vulnerable, strong, amazing things. I learned that without choice or free will. Can I manage to learn s

chapter 1: The Water Scares Me (added 2013/06/10)
chapter 2: No Way Is He Alive (added 2013/05/20)
chapter 3: Is There Truly No Way? (added 2013/05/20)

A Brother's Bond
Novel in progress: Synopsis

Arracan 'Aaron' Duhali was no ordinary man. He was the one and only "Magical Lord" of the earth realm, the only artist to hold magical powers in human history. He was also D

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2013/05/20)
chapter 2: Understanding my brother (added 2013/05/19)

The Way Back
this was a short story written based on prompt 'Dwindling Days' for a dA writing group i was in. it was longer than i meant for it to be and way overdue.

/displayed December 5, 2011 but started before

chapter 1: The Way Back (added 2012/11/27)

It's Passion
this started out as a short story written for the contest "The Girls with Grit" on Figment, and though it won nothing, i liked writing it. the second chapter was written as a second part continuation ...more
chapter 1: It's Passion (added 2012/11/27)
chapter 2: Summer Passion Gone (added 2013/10/03)

Short Stories
short story & prose collection
chapter 1: Change of Heart (added 2011/09/16)
chapter 2: A Monster Yourself (added 2011/10/01)
chapter 3: Family in Love (added 2011/10/05)
chapter 4: Different Twins (added 2012/08/07)
chapter 5: Pulling Through (added 2013/02/26)
chapter 6: Aching Love (added 2012/11/11)
chapter 7: The End of Beginning (added 2012/12/08)
chapter 8: Maybelle with the Wolves (added 2012/11/12)
chapter 9: Human Fantasies (added 2012/11/27)

Impossible Peace
another short story with a very overdue deadline for May's "nightmare" theme contest.
chapter 1: Peace Is Impossible (added 2011/07/09)

The Lone Black Sheep
autobigraphical short story. a Shout Out Contest entry.
chapter 1: Black Sheep (added 2011/06/28)

How many memories do we need to forget before we remember? [a short story meant for a contest. overdue deadline]
chapter 1: Reminiscence (added 2013/01/21)

Two Kinds
[resetting story]
It's too good to be true.

There are two kinds of fears Nicholas Reed, a 27-year-old bookstore owner, becomes aware of. The kind that fears love, and the kind that fears loss. He never

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2013/04/20)
chapter 2: Change (added 2013/04/20)

poetry & prose collection.
chapter 1: Stand By Our Endowed (added 2010/04/20)
chapter 2: Natural Life (added 2010/10/22)
chapter 3: January 7, 2009 (added 2011/01/06)
chapter 4: Technology (added 2010/10/22)
chapter 5: The Jinx (added 2010/10/22)
chapter 6: Masquerade (added 2010/10/25)
chapter 7: Only a Nightmare (added 2011/03/23)
chapter 8: At a Loss (added 2011/07/27)
chapter 9: Ready For All (added 2011/07/27)
chapter 10: Man's Best Friend (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 11: Losing It (added 2011/08/26)
chapter 12: Future (added 2011/08/27)
chapter 13: Only You (added 2011/09/08)
chapter 14: Let Love Be (added 2011/09/16)
chapter 15: Lost Sight Of It (added 2011/09/16)
chapter 16: I Am Poem (added 2011/12/16)
chapter 17: Keep at Bay (added 2011/09/27)
chapter 18: No Purple Here (added 2011/10/02)
chapter 19: Without It (added 2011/10/04)
chapter 20: Keep Going (added 2011/10/15)
chapter 21: Moments of Joy (added 2011/11/05)
chapter 22: So Much Doubt (added 2012/11/11)

short story contest entries in the game www.furcadia.com/festival
chapter 1: Guardian (added 2011/01/30)
chapter 2: City's Intent (added 2012/08/21)

[inactive] BOOK 1 of Simmons & Craigs
With the use of their powers combined, Tane and Jeremy fight to survive in situations of illusions, dreams, and reality, all of which may as well be considered

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/03/23)
chapter 2: Discovery (added 2013/04/06)