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"Sexy...oh, yea, baby!"
“[Damned and Defiant] was filled with amazingly created paranormal elements, characters that grab your heart, and a plot line that will grip you til the end. I wasn’t sure how I would be reading this ...more
chapter 1: Damned and Defiant, Reviews by Molly (added 2012/11/18)

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4 Stars from Romantic Times Magazine-Damned & Desied
"Excellent storytelling, complete with a demoness and her minions, enlivens the pages with shapeshifting space travelers bent on destruction. There is plenty of sex to titillate the senses and enough ...more

5 Stars from Pen and Muse
Fantastic book. I always love when authors who write erotica manage to make the sex integral to the plot...I thought the character development was stellar, the plotting kept me engaged the whole time, ...more

Bitten by Paranormal Romance Review
“The author mixes Indian folklore and out of this world demons, it makes for one very interesting story.” 4 Coffins ~Laurie ~Bitten By Paranormal Romance

Another Review for Damned and Desired
“Damned and Desired was a riveting story, full of adventure, lust and love. along with paranormal elements it had a bit of a SciFi feel to it that I enjoyed very much...

The steamy scenes and exotic ch

Damned and Desired
“The love scenes between [Sakari and Brad] leap off the pages. Very raw and hot.” Tori ~ Smexybooks

CoffeeTime Review for Damned and Desired
Kathy Kulig has a vivid imagination and a wonderful writing voice to make it come to life. Sakari is a character everyone can sympathize with, and Brad is the hero of every woman’s fantasy. I thorough ...more