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Lunch Special
A Poem
chapter 1: Lunch Special (added 2014/03/09)

You Are...
A poem of eternal love
chapter 1: You Are... (added 2009/09/05)

Dead Body
A poem concerning a thing that gave me pause.
chapter 1: Dead Body (added 2009/09/17)

Dark Crevices
a poem about persistent loneliness
chapter 1: Dark Crevices (added 2008/09/25)

Cut Roses
A poem detailing the irony of our well-intentioned actions
chapter 1: Cut Roses (added 2008/08/17)

Anathema Rhodes: Dreams
After a lifetime of self-medicating fails and life finally begins its tilt toward self-destruction, Jodi - a 25-year-old writer nursing the psychological lacerations of being a "rape-child" - meets, t ...more
chapter 1: Notes on technique (added 2012/05/05)

The Bastard
The Bastard depicts the deceit, treachery, and vice that festered beneath the surface of a seemingly peaceful middle-American town, then ripened and culminated in an explosive, passionate, and murdero ...more
chapter 1: Notes on technique (added 2012/05/05)