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How I Rate Books
Just a page to flesh out how I rate books on GR.
chapter 1: An Attempt at Explaining What Those Pesky Stars Mean to Me (added 2012/07/03)

Reviewing Twilight: Humbert and Personal Responsibility
A response to an ongoing debate.
chapter 1: Propositions (added 2010/10/03)
chapter 2: Predation (added 2010/10/03)
chapter 3: Responding to Accusations (added 2010/10/03)
chapter 4: What Do We Know About the Accuser? (added 2010/10/03)
chapter 5: So, My Point Is (And I Do Have One) (added 2010/10/03)
chapter 6: POSTSCRIPTUM (added 2010/10/03)