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Writing for a creative writing course at Berkeley. The underlying principle of the class is that everything is a translation of something else, so everything we write must be inspired and in someway b ...more
chapter 1: Translation 1 (added 2009/02/05)
chapter 2: Translation 2 (added 2009/02/05)
chapter 3: Translation 3 (added 2009/02/05)

Untitled Story
You'll figure out what it's about when you read it. There are a few areas where I originally had italics for emphasis of certain words, but formatting is limited here. Anyway, this is open for revisio ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (I know, original, eh?) (added 2008/08/22)
chapter 2: 2 (added 2008/09/11)

Untitled Haiku
Three Haiku
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/08/04)
chapter 2: 2 (added 2008/08/04)
chapter 3: 3 (added 2008/08/04)

Untitled Sonnet 4
Again, to Her...
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/08/04)

Untitled Sonnet 3
They're all for Her...
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/08/04)

Untitled Sonnet 2
For that same special someone. Years away from her are nothing to a moment with.
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/08/04)

Untitled Sonnet 1
A Christmas present to someone special...
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/08/04)

Untitled Free Verse
Umm...These are poems, in the form most people like most--which is more of a lack of form...
chapter 1: I (added 2008/11/05)
chapter 2: II (added 2008/11/05)

Ode to Country Air
Well, since I must put a discription, it's an ode (a type of poem) addressing (figuratively--apostrophe!) country air...which is probably pretty obvious from the title...
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/08/04)