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Through the Storms HE Performs
The subject of this book found herself in the middle of a near fatal collision, which left her in a two week coma while she was pregnant. She, also, had two visible children that survived this acciden ...more
chapter 1: The Darkness Behind the Veil (added 2011/07/11)

Race Against Time
Desegregation in Florida- historical fiction
chapter 1: About Thirty Years Later (added 2011/07/11)

The Evans Terrace Girls
When a neighborhood suffers the loss of over seven parents in under three years, the kids as well as the adults begin to believe in the Evan's Terrace Curse. Is the curse valid or is something bigger ...more
chapter 1: 'Tis The Season (added 2011/07/11)

Mom's on the Roof and I Can't Get Her Down
Cancer is simply the backdrop to this book full of miracle encounters and life after death's realities. This book really happened!
chapter 1: Saturday Revival (added 2011/07/11)

Is Annette stalking the narrator? Is Adam as naive as he is portrayed? What do the cousins and other relatives know about the family members and a murder? Who Done it? More importantly- what was done? ...more
chapter 1: - Annetteā€™s Revelation or Chapter 1 - (added 2011/07/11)