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The Unreflected World
When I was little I remember my mom reading me a story similar to the one in this story, but she didn't remember it. Neither did my sister (who i thought read it) and when i have never been able to fi...more
chapter 1: The Story (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 2: Tristan (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 3: Mirror and Glass (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 4: Towers, Villains, and Very Good Vision (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 5: Ears, Vines, and the Event of Near-Drowning (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 6: Cats, Forests, and Carrot-Like Men (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 7: Love and an Impossible Task (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 8: Kynigos and Thanasimos (Spevdo Was in the Last Chapter) (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 9: The Unreflected World (added 2009/04/03)

A Tragic Love Story
Two lovers, Garion and Evaline, are separated because of a disagreement. Unbeknownest to them, they are falling right into the devious hands of Marguerite, a crafty wanna-be world ruler who is plottin...more
chapter 1: In which a heroine, a villainess, and a presumably overweight man are introduced. (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 2: In which a plan is set in motion concerning the aforesaid flabby man, the devious antagonist, and the sickeningly sweet girl. (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 3: In which synonyms cause chaos, forgiveness is inevitable, and Garion discovers the difficulties of booking flights online. (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 4: In which Garion complicates Marguerite’s schemes, Evaline gets a new job, and strawberries are contemplated. (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 5: In which Marguerite invites the protagonists to a deceiving get together, Bogart and Chaney show their amazing strength, and the author shows her laziness by summarizing a few chapters. (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 6: In which the climax of the story is revealed, along with some other heart wrenching events. (added 2009/04/03)
chapter 7: In which, a few months later, Marguerite’s life of criminal activity and want of power is still going strong. (added 2009/04/03)

A P.E. Teacher's Guide to Sanity
Last Christmas I gave my brand-new brother-in-law, Jeff, a book written by me. It was called A Wrestler's Guide to Cutting Weight (Without Using Shears). Since my brother-in-law is a (national winning...more
chapter 1: Introduction (added 2009/01/06)
chapter 2: Are the "Students" You're Teaching Really Human? (added 2008/11/30)
chapter 3: R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What It Means to Me (added 2009/04/05)
chapter 4: Games: Yes, They Can Be Fun for Both You AND the Pubertianesians (added 2009/01/06)
chapter 5: Teaching and Life: the Balance (added 2009/01/11)
chapter 6: Intimidation 101 (added 2009/01/11)
chapter 7: The Secret to Success (added 2009/01/11)
chapter 8: And Now What we Have Learned Applies to Our Lives Today.... (added 2009/01/11)
chapter 9: About the Author (added 2009/01/11)

This story was inspired by my friend, Mary. On one of our field trips we were waiting in the bus and our teacher was trying to figure out how to fit everyone on the bus. Mary said that "we can hitchhi...more
chapter 1: Of Rides and Royalty (added 2009/04/05)
chapter 2: Of Being Belgium Bound (added 2008/08/23)
chapter 3: Of Murderers and Malicious Intent (added 2008/08/23)
chapter 4: Of Parachuting,Plummetting, and Phobias (added 2008/08/23)
chapter 5: Of Cruises and Captains (added 2008/08/23)
chapter 6: Of Lies and Love (added 2008/11/29)
chapter 7: Of Deceit (added 2008/08/23)
chapter 8: Of Smoothies, Secrets, and Duck Tape (added 2008/08/23)
chapter 9: Of Brussels and Bait (added 2008/08/25)
chapter 10: Of Misunderstandings, Monsieurs, and Medicine (added 2008/09/27)
chapter 11: Of Mansions and Moments of Despair (added 2009/04/06)

The Memoirs of Mr. Darcy
This is a short story in Mr. Darcy's own words, about his life- and how he feels.
chapter 1: His Memoirs (added 2008/09/09)