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Simple Gifts
A man reflects
chapter 1: Simple Gifts (added 2010/02/01)

Happy Birthday, Martin Aimes!
It's the eve of Martin Aimes' 40th birthday, and he's about to get a very strange gift.
chapter 1: Happy Birthday, Martin Aimes! (added 2008/09/02)

A futuristic mother prepares her children for a new world.
chapter 1: Reborn (added 2008/09/02)

Elder Lane
The residents of Elder Lane are a welcoming bunch, but the dark rituals taking place at the new neighbor's house just might put an end to that...if not the whole neighborhood.
chapter 1: Elder Lane (added 2008/07/28)

A man wakes up in strange place, but it's only the beginning of the horrible things to come.
chapter 1: Click (added 2008/07/28)

Dreams of the Golden-Eyed Girl
An actual dream I had one night, in story form.
chapter 1: Tremble (added 2011/03/11)
chapter 2: Facets (added 2011/03/11)
chapter 3: Cry (added 2012/08/23)