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Creative Writing
Wrote for Creative Writing. Putting it here just in case something happened to my lapton...
chapter 1: Memory Poem (added 2010/09/09)
chapter 2: Angels we have heard on High (added 2010/09/25)
chapter 3: Poison (added 2010/09/25)
chapter 4: Vignette (added 2010/09/25)

chapter 1: QUOTES (added 2009/01/17)
chapter 2: QUOTES 2 (added 2009/01/17)
chapter 3: QUOTES 3 (added 2009/01/17)

collection of one-shots, all about Jade, my YUGIOH fan character
chapter 1: Imperfection (added 2009/01/16)

Heart Beat
cold nights, and a glare was all he needed
chapter 1: Shivers (added 2009/01/16)

Love's scent
Idea gathered from Bloody Kiss, Vampire Knight, and the song Love Story by Taylor Swift. DaisukeXKiko. Alternate reality.
Author's note: Daisuke seems so OOC but you'll understand why later x3

chapter 1: the beginning (added 2009/01/11)
chapter 2: Truth (added 2009/01/11)
chapter 3: Biting (added 2009/01/11)

Hear Me
Song Fic-DaisukeXKiko
Kiko has been framed for murder, and isn't trusted anywhere. She hasn't seen Daisuke in months either.

chapter 1: I'm crying out (added 2009/01/13)

The Blind Rose
Another civil war has broken out in Japan, and in the mist of it, Kiko Shinta Himura has been blinded. Being blind is hard, but living away from the one she cares about most is harder than

chapter 1: The Hells of War (Kiko speaking) (added 2008/12/07)
chapter 2: News (added 2008/12/16)

25 days of (Yaoi) Christmas
I will finish this before December 19th, just so you know
25 semi-drabbles, each about Christmas, with a Yaoi Paring XD

chapter 1: Day One-Yami No Yuugi (Atemu) X Yuugi Mutou- I Believe in Santa (added 2008/12/01)
chapter 2: Day 2- Tamaki Shou X Kaoru Hitachiin - Music for the season (added 2008/12/01)
chapter 3: Day 3-SoubiXRitsuka-A do-whatever coupon (added 2008/12/08)
chapter 4: Day 4- KaitoXLen-The Most Wonderful Time (added 2008/12/08)
chapter 5: Day 5-BeyondXRaito-The spirit of Good Cheer (added 2008/12/10)
chapter 6: Day 6-MattXMello-Easy to Please (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 7: Day 7-SetoXYami-Biggest isn't always best (added 2008/12/10)
chapter 8: Day 8-MoriXHunny-I want that one (added 2008/12/10)
chapter 9: Day 9-SatoshiXKeiichi-Warm by the fire (added 2008/12/14)
chapter 10: Day 10-BakuraXRyou-Snow falling on the roof (added 2008/12/14)
chapter 11: Day 11-HikaruXKaoru-Sleigh Bells (added 2008/12/14)
chapter 12: Day 12- NatsuoXYouji-Giving is Receiving (added 2008/12/14)
chapter 13: Day 13-BeyondXL-Merry Christmas (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 14: Day 14-BakuraXYami-I hate snow (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 15: Day 15-YukiXShuichi-Presents (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 16: Day 16-AxelXDemyx-Christmas? What's that? (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 17: Day 17-NatsuoXYouji-Special Something (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 18: Day 18-YamiXYugi-Christmas Lights (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 19: Day 19-TamakiXKaoru-Mistletoe (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 20: Day 20-KaitoXLen-Decorating (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 21: Day 21-MattXMello-Chocolate Trees (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 22: Day 22-SatoshiXKeiichi-What's so Special? (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 23: Day 23-SoubiXRitsuka-Advent Calendars (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 24: Day 24-BakuraXYami-Season of Giving (added 2008/12/15)
chapter 25: Day 25-Mix-Christmas Morning (added 2008/12/15)

Vocaloid lyrics
Him and his sister look SO INNOCENT
but they are SO FREAKISH
and both remind me of Beyond

chapter 1: Sadistic Vampire-English-Len (added 2008/11/18)

Ouran musical love stories
a collection of song-fic one-shots including a whole lot of different parings...
probably mostly TamaKao and HikaKao...
have one you want to see? just ask for it XD

chapter 1: Goodbye my Almost Lover-TamaKao (added 2008/11/05)
chapter 2: Cute without the E-HikaKao (added 2008/11/06)
chapter 3: Whatever it takes-TamaKao (added 2009/03/12)

Matt's reminiscing
chapter 1: Remember (added 2008/10/16)

I'll Meet You There
My Death Note Story with DNXOC
chapter 1: Character Descriptions (added 2008/12/25)

I'm with you
Warning-EXTREME OOCness to what most people see has Raito Yagami’s personality, as well as Beyond Birthday’s. Me, I think they both have a soft side ;-). Includes, Fluff, Angst, and is a Songfic. Coup ...more
chapter 1: I'm waiting in the dark (added 2008/10/15)

Next to Nothing
A Loveless Fanfic-I don't own Loveless
30 years after Loveless and Beloved's finally face off, a new group of units have appeared, along with a new Septimal Moon and a new way of life.
Heartless and Sou

chapter 1: You Took Me Down, You Know I'll Always Be Around (added 2008/08/24)
chapter 2: Cause you Know it's Over (added 2008/08/24)
chapter 3: I fell for the guy I met at what seemed the end (added 2008/08/24)
chapter 4: He Loves me He Loves me She Loves me She Loves Me (added 2008/08/24)
chapter 5: Truth an Lies, my heart can break no more (added 2008/11/10)

Strawberry Gashes
I OWN NOTHING slightly dark, includes death
(requested parts coming soon.) Ideas come from the song "Strawberry Gashes" by Jack Of Jill

chapter 1: Pale White Skin With Strawberry Gashes All Over (added 2009/03/29)
chapter 2: I dreamt of a devil that knew her (just hours before) (added 2009/03/29)

Backup's Dark Revenge
Beyond Birthday, an insane killer. His past is a mystery, that is...until now
(Beyond was at wammy's years before mello, matt, and near) FANFICTION! I do not own Beyond Birthday or Death Note at ALL!

chapter 1: Preface (added 2008/10/28)
chapter 2: human lies (added 2008/10/28)
chapter 3: Death changes everything (added 2009/01/02)
chapter 4: Thoughts Stir (added 2009/01/11)