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Letter to my old friends in Korea about my new life in America...
It's a letter to my friends about how I felt when I first came here and it's a TRUE story.
chapter 1: letter... (added 2009/02/21)

Ghost in our house
It's a story of a dad who really loves his family but he is too sorry to his family to show it.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2008/10/22)

New country,new school
It's the experience of my own. When I first moved to America.
chapter 1: in the morning. (added 2008/10/11)

It's still useful!
it's about a boy named Hyun-Su who tries to collect ten thousand cans to get a new bike
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2008/10/10)

My two chicks, my first pets
My first two pets
chapter 1: Before you read this novel... (added 2008/10/03)
chapter 2: Chapter 1 (added 2008/10/05)
chapter 3: Chapter 2 (added 2008/09/29)
chapter 4: Chapter 3 (added 2008/09/29)
chapter 5: Chapter 4 (added 2008/09/29)
chapter 6: Chapter 5 (added 2008/09/29)
chapter 7: Chapter 6 (added 2008/09/29)
chapter 8: Chapter 7 (added 2008/09/29)
chapter 9: After... (added 2008/10/10)

The First Loss of something I loved
My first two pets that I had
chapter 1: Not really a chapter just a poem (added 2008/10/10)