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The Deathless Hand
This is the first in a series of stories I'll hopefully be writing for Pulp Empire's Modern Pulp Heroes anthologies. This story is in work, so feedback appreciated. Please note that all the "direct th ...more
chapter 1: Kruzkha Restaurant, Old Arbat District, Moscow (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 2: Aeroflot Moscow to Novosibirsk, Siberian Federal District (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 3: Akademgorodok (Academy Town), 20 kilometers south of Novosibirsk (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 4: Banks of the Ob River, Novosibirsk (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 5: Café Grand, Nevsky Hotel Grand, St. Petersburg (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 6: The Werewolf Club, Voronezhskaya Ulitsa, St. Petersburg (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 7: En Route to the Chinese Consulate-General, St. Petersburg (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 8: Interrogation room, Politisiya Station, 36 Dzerzhinsky Avenue, Novosibirsk (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 9: The Chinese Consulate-General, Nab. Kanala Griboedova, St. Petersburg (added 2013/03/20)
chapter 10: Levkin’s Country Dacha, outside St. Petersburg (added 2013/03/29)
chapter 11: Banks of the Moskva River (added 2013/03/29)
chapter 12: Levkin’s Country Dacha, outside St. Petersburg (added 2013/03/29)
chapter 13: Headquarters of Levkin International, Moscow International Business Center (added 2014/03/17)
chapter 14: Headquarters of Levkin International, Moscow International Business Center (added 2014/03/17)
chapter 15: Niflheim (added 2014/03/28)

A Dream Within
The second short story I ever wrote, first published by Bret Funk in his Beacons of Tomorrow Anthology, and re-published, in slightly revised form, by Bewildering Stories in Issue 508.
chapter 1: A Dream Within (added 2013/01/16)

The Dream Miners (From "In a Pig's Eye": The Captain Blunt Stories)
Here's a sample Captain Blunt story from my anthology of Blunt stories, 'In a Pig's Eye: the Captain Blunt Adventures'. It is now out on Kindle from Bewildering Press. Thanks to Jerry Wright for the c ...more
chapter 1: Episode 3 (added 2011/06/26)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Prince
This was one of my very first short stories. I had a lot of fun with it. I liked tough-cookie Cinderella, as well as the prince who played with matches.
chapter 1: Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Prince (added 2008/11/18)

The Homecoming
I rather liked the artists depicted in this story, though I think my ending was a bit abrupt. I managed to work in a bit of a favorite poem, the ancient ballad "Tom O'Bedlam"...
chapter 1: The Homecoming (added 2008/11/18)

Beautiful Poppies
In a more serious vein, this is a story set in northern Washington, where I live.
chapter 1: Beautiful Poppies (added 2012/03/18)

Lucretia's New Mattress
This was my second attempt to add a little life (if you'll forgive the pun) into the tired old vampire sub-genre. I should mention, I'm also a "I Love Lucy" fan...
chapter 1: Lucretia's New Mattress (added 2008/11/18)

Rock Bottom & Up
This is a brief story I wrote to submit to a vampire fiction magazine. My thought was, who could write something new in this overdone sub-genre? This was my answer. Of course, the vampire magazine nev ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2008/11/18)