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The Sprint
Um, it's something I'm trying that's a little new. It's about um, a girl and her fight against the System, an underground society that controls everything. They experiment on children mostly, and pube ...more
chapter 1: Epilogue (added 2009/12/02)
chapter 2: The Birth of a Revolution (added 2009/12/02)
chapter 3: Talya (added 2009/12/05)

Line Me Up
Michelle is Dan's younger sister. She is autistic. This story is told through her, giving us insight into Dan's world.
chapter 1: A is for Anger...and Autism (added 2009/07/30)
chapter 2: Autism is... Scary? (added 2009/07/31)

A Single Rose (Revised)
So this is my 2nd draft of A Single Rose.
chapter 1: A Single Rose (first 8 chapters) (added 2009/07/16)

Two Eyes
Marielle is a beautiful young woman with blond hair and blue eyes. Her husband is in jail, for murder. He was cheating on Marielle with an older woman who was also married. One day he snapped and kill ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/06/19)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2009/06/20)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2009/06/29)
chapter 4: Chapter 4 (added 2009/07/02)
chapter 5: Chapter 5 (added 2009/07/11)

A Single Rose
Jayd's parents are dead. She was left with her little sister, Rose. Rose watched her parents' murder, and hasn't been the same since.
Jayd isn't ready for love, knowing it was the cause of the murder,

chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 4: Chapter 4 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 5: Chapter 5 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 6: Chapter 6 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 7: Chapter 7 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 8: Chapter 8 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 9: Chapter 9 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 10: Chapter 10 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 11: Chapter 11 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 12: Chapter 12 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 13: Chapter 13 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 14: Chapter 14 (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 15: Chapter 15 (added 2009/05/02)
chapter 16: Chapter 16 (added 2009/05/19)
chapter 17: Chapter 17 (added 2009/05/30)
chapter 18: Chapter 18 (added 2009/06/03)
chapter 19: Chapter 19 (added 2009/06/10)
chapter 20: Epilogue (added 2009/06/10)
chapter 21: A Message to My Readers (added 2009/06/20)

Religiously Unstable
I got this from a short story I wrote when I was in Catholic School. I'm not Catholic, nor am I religious, so sorry if I offend anyone. XD
If you're not religious, or just a not-very-uptight-religious,

chapter 1: The Start of it All (added 2008/09/29)
chapter 2: Emma at the Catholic School (added 2008/09/29)

Very emo, may cause suicidal thoughts, but don't do it! She had a terrible life, and yours is much better. Anyway, would I kill her off? No, that's what she wants, and you know my reputation f

chapter 1: Dying (added 2008/09/28)

The Tree
I haven't thought of a very good name for this, so I'm just calling it the tree. If anyone has a suggestion, please tell me. Also, if anyone has a good name for the baby please tell me.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/01/28)

The Misfits of Fairytales
A story about a witch trying to get through High School, or at least the first few chapters of it.
chapter 1: Chapter 1- Attendance (added 2008/08/06)
chapter 2: Chapter 2- The Start of it All (added 2009/01/25)
chapter 3: 'Snow White' vs. Maggie Dissimmiliss (added 2009/07/20)
chapter 4: Oh I had a Ball! (added 2009/07/20)