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Believe Me
An experimental work.
chapter 1: Believe Me (added 2011/11/16)

This is based off of my friend Rosella's experience with a difficult breakup.
chapter 1: Goodbye (added 2011/09/27)

The World
Today, I learned that one of my closest friends, Estelle, has anorexia. This is the result. So this is dedicated to Stella.
chapter 1: The World (added 2011/06/24)

Last September, my friend Richard took a gun and shot himself in the head, killing himself. That's what they told me. But they were wrong.
chapter 1: Miracles (added 2011/04/27)

These are all excerpts from my novels-in-progress. I'll try to add background, but since I'll likely cut-and-paste straight from my documents, it's pretty unlikely that there'll be any.

~ These Excerpt

chapter 1: Godsborn: Excerpt #1 (added 2011/04/19)
chapter 2: Survivor: Excerpt #1 (added 2011/04/18)
chapter 3: Lost World: Excerpt #1 (added 2011/04/19)
chapter 4: Loving Alexander: Excerpt #1 (added 2011/10/11)
chapter 5: Survivor: Excerpt #2 (added 2011/10/11)

Just My Poetry
I think this is just going to be a collection of poems that are too short to put into separate stories :)
chapter 1: Words Unspoken (added 2011/04/05)

Dominic Andrews was the guy you wanted to be. He was a senior in high school and captain of the football team. He could have any girl he wanted. That's why it was such a big deal when he chose Jalene ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/01/11)
chapter 2: Dominic (added 2011/01/21)
chapter 3: Aria Kira (added 2011/01/21)
chapter 4: Dominic (added 2011/04/06)

A sweet little piece I wrote to someone I left, and someone I miss.
chapter 1: Tears (added 2011/01/06)

To my wonderful guardian angel, Richard. I love you, baby.
chapter 1: Angel (added 2011/01/04)

Falling in Love
Remember that first thrill of falling in love? I don't think I did it justice, but here goes.
chapter 1: Falling in Love (added 2010/12/13)

Dear Jonathan
I'm getting addicted to these epistolaries…they really do help me.
chapter 1: Dear Jonathan (added 2010/12/13)

Come Back to Me
Just a little something…
chapter 1: Come Back to Me (added 2010/12/09)

I guess you could call it another experimental, emotional piece…this one is based on a friend's experience.
chapter 1: Heartbreak (added 2010/12/07)

This is an open letter to someone I miss-and someone I hope to forget.
chapter 1: Forgetting (added 2010/12/06)

Love Letter
I wrote this for, ah, someone. He knows who he is.
chapter 1: Love Letter (added 2010/11/30)

Dear Richard
Another experimental epistolary…this one's full of bittersweet reminiscences. True ones.
Oh, Richard, I wish I'd said this to you then…

chapter 1: Dear Richard (added 2010/11/10)

Dear Robert
This one's for you, Robert.
I wrote this to someone, so it's really informal. At the same time, I think it's worth sharing. I hope you agree.

chapter 1: Dear Robert (added 2010/11/09)

Running Away From Pain
I cranked this story out in about fifteen minutes, so I'm not sure how good it is… I'm hoping I get lucky and it's good. (:
chapter 1: Running Away From Pain (added 2010/11/10)

Yet another experiment. I'm so sorry, guys!
chapter 1: Smile (added 2010/11/01)

Another experimental work. I promise I'll post something real soon!
chapter 1: Liar (added 2010/10/27)

The End of Everything
Yet another experimental work.
chapter 1: The End of Everything (added 2010/11/07)

Apologizing for Love
This is another experimental little work. It turned out pretty good, I think, but it's pretty really depressing. I wrote it when I was thinking about someone in particular who I shall not name, and it ...more
chapter 1: Apologizing for Love (added 2010/10/26)

I'm Just A Girl
I'm actually not sure yet.
chapter 1: I'm Just A Girl (added 2010/11/18)

This is another purely experimental, no-draft work I wrote quickly. This one is lot more personal, and it has a lot more of myself in it.
chapter 1: Dancer (added 2010/09/24)

This is a little work I wrote quickly, without drafts, to see how well it would turn out. It's purely experimental.
chapter 1: Wishes (added 2010/11/04)